The energy you use

Where does your energy come from? How much should you be paying for it? Can you reduce the amount you use? Our energy guides will give you the answers.

About your energy supplier and bills

Who is my gas and electric supplier?

Not sure who your gas & electricity suppliers are?

Find out who is your energy supplier

Your energy bill

Understand what all the information on your energy bill means.

Explain my bill

Average energy bill

How does the energy you use compare to the typical UK household?

An average energy bill

Standing charges explained

Understand what energy standing charges are, how they work and why we pay them.

Learn about standing charges

Setting up energy in a new home

Find out how to set up gas and electricity for the first time with our handy guide.

How to set up energy

Our new account system

We’re investing in a new account system to improve our service. We'll be moving all our customers to our new systems.

How our new system will benefit you

Your energy supply and how to reduce usage

Energy saving tips

Reduce your bill and your carbon footprint – try our energy saving tips.

Save energy

Off-peak electricity explained

Using off-peak electricity could help discount your bills while making energy more sustainable. 

About off-peak electricity

Renewable energy

Discover the renewable energy sources we’re using to generate your electricity.

Learn about renewables

Sources of energy

Discover where your gas comes from, and how your electricity is produced.

Explore energy sources

Tariff and electric options

Fixed or variable tariffs

Which is better? Here we explain the differences to help you decide.

Fixed vs variable energy tariffs

Dual fuel benefits

With your gas and electricity bills combined, you'll receive one less bill each month.

Dual fuel benefits

Electric Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are an alternative to traditional central heating systems and make the most of off-peak electricity prices.

Electric Storage Heaters Guide

Switch tariff or switch supplier?

Compare energy suppliers

Follow our simple steps and find the right energy suppliers for you.

Compare energy suppliers

Switching energy provider

We power over 7 million homes, you’ll be in safe hands with us. Switching supplier is easy.

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Renew your tariff

If you’re an existing customer and your fixed tariff is coming to an end, take a look at what to do next and the best offers we have for you.

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