Why renewable energy is here to stay

Benefits of renewable energy use

Renewable energy goes by lots of different names – green energy, sustainable energy, alternative energy and clean energy – but they basically mean the same thing. Renewable energy is here to stay and we’re investing in it more than ever before. In fact, we get 43% of our electricity from these environmentally friendly sources, which is more than the average in the UK.

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills, lots of providers (including us) offer Green tariffs that you can choose from.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from these natural resources:
Depiction of the sun which is a source of renewable energy
Depiction of tidal waves which are a source of renewable energy
Depiction of a wind farm turning blade which is a source of renewable energy
Depiction of biomass fuel which is a source of renewable energy
They’re called sustainable because these resources shouldn’t run out. They’re also often referred to as alternative energy because they can replace the use of traditional, reliable energy sources like coal and oil which will eventually run out.

Future energy

Renewable energy is also called future energy because it’s supported and influenced by long-term government policies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and ending coal-fired power by 2025[1].

Why? The UK wishes to and UK energy providers must, by law, source increasing proportions of their electricity from renewable sources. The government wants 30% of the country’s electricity and 12% of its heat to be generated from renewables by 2020[2].

Depiction of renewable energy as a future energy source

Clean and green energy

Renewable energy can help cut carbon emissions and slow down global warming. The UK has committed to cut them by at least 80% of the 1990 levels by 2030[3]. Renewable energy technology has a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies. The result? Renewable energy is also called clean energy or green energy.

Depiction of Centrica and British Gas commiting to an investment in renewable energy

We’re committed to renewable energy

We’ve been investing in renewable power generation for some time – in fact, offshore windfarms are one of our biggest development areas.

Also, Centrica (our parent company) is investing in ‘green’ gas – especially in the production of biomethane from biomass.

How green is your energy?

On average, only 29% of electricity from other suppliers is green energy[4]. If you’re buying electricity from British Gas, 43% comes from renewable sources. That’s significantly more than other energy providers.[5]

If you’re already on a green tariff, you’re already doing your bit and helping more of the UK’s energy come from renewable sources. Green tariffs show that your energy supplier is purchasing renewable energy to match some or all the electricity you buy. This green energy is then fed into the National Grid, increasing the amount of green energy available.

Looking at the UK’s electricity, more electricity was sourced from wind and solar in 2017 than from nuclear power stations for the first time ever, according to government figures[6]. It’s looking good.

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