Energy guides. The Energy Switch Guarantee: How to get the best energy tariff for you

Find out what the Energy Switch Guarantee is and how it can protect you when switching suppliers.

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We all want to get the best energy tariffs we can – but when it comes to the crunch, switching suppliers can often seem a bit daunting.

People worry it’s going to be slow, complicated and disruptive. So they end up staying where they are – even if there are better, cheaper tariffs out there.

The truth is that switching energy suppliers is so much easier than people realise – all thanks to the Energy Switch Guarantee. We signed up to the guarantee, because we think switching energy should be easy and hassle free.

What is the Energy Switch Guarantee?

The Energy Switch Guarantee was launched by Energy UK, the trade association for the UK energy industry.

It’s a set of promises made by energy companies in the UK to ensure that switching suppliers is quick, secure and hassle-free. It’s very similar to the Current Account Switch Guarantee in the banking world which makes it really easy for people to change bank accounts.

Some of the key promises are listed below, and ultimately, they all add up to one thing: complete peace of mind when people want to switch energy supply.

What does the Energy Switch Guarantee mean for me?

You can dive into the details on the Energy Switch Guarantee website, but here’s what it essentially means for your switch:

It’s quick

Your switch should be completed within 21 days.

It’s hassle-free

You continue using your existing provider until you switch. And as all suppliers use the same pipes and wires there won’t be any disruption at any point.

It’s all handled by your new provider

Your new energy provider will take care of every step of the switch. With British Gas, the moment you tell us you want to switch to us, we contact your old supplier and get things moving. We then keep you updated with regular emails along the way.

It’s no problem if you decide to cancel

After you sign up, your new supplier will send you all the details. You then have a 14-day cooling off period if you decide to cancel.

It won’t cost a thing

Depending on your current tariff, there may be cancellation fees due to your existing supplier – but switching itself is absolutely free.

Switching really doesn’t have to be stressful

We know that energy can seem complicated – and signing up to the Energy Switch Guarantee is one of the things we do to make things simple for you. If you’re thinking about switching energy supplier, don’t let stress about the process stand in your way.

 The Energy Switch Guarantee scheme is here to protect people and help them move to an energy tariff that works for them.

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Finding a tariff that ticks all the boxes

The world of energy is changing. Our customers have told us they want to manage their energy quickly and easily online. They want quicker customer service. And they want more options when it comes to renewable energy. Our Green Futures tariff has been awarded the gold standard by Uswitch - one of only two energy suppliers to achieve this accreditation.

At British Gas, we’ve developed our business to fit with these emerging needs so if you’re thinking about switching supplier, why not start with checking out our tariffs? Find one that fits, get a quick quote and if you decide to switch to us, we’ll take it from there.

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