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Our current energy tariffs

Complete Protection Aug 2022 (Fixed)

Fixed energy prices until 31 August 2022

Includes Central Heating Breakdown Cover, Plumbing & Drains Cover and Home Electrical Cover (Home Services Cover) for 12 months and at no extra cost

Your Home Services Cover will automatically renew after 12 months and you can choose to cancel at this time (it will renew at an average of £11.50 per month)

The Home Services Cover won’t be included with this tariff if you’ve already got a Home Services Agreement with us

Exit fees of £30 per fuel

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Green Future Oct 2023 (Fixed)

The greenest home-energy tariffs you can get with us, with prices fixed until 31 October 2023

We’ll match 10% of the gas you use and 100% of the electricity you use on this tariff with renewable sources

We’ll offset your gas carbon footprint from 90% of the gas you use on this tariff

We’ll also support the growth of up to 5 trees in the UK per fuel for each year you are on this tariff

Exit fees of £40 per fuel

Find out more about our tariffs with environmental benefits

Green Future tariffs

HomeEnergy Secure Oct 2023v2 (Fixed)

Fixed energy prices until 31 October 2023

100% of your electricity use on this tariff matched with renewable electricity by buying Guarantees of Origin certificates (GoOs) or Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origins certificates (REGOs) or both

Exit fees of £40 per fuel

Find out more about our tariffs with environmental benefits

Standard Variable (Variable)

No exit fees

No end date

Prices can go up and down. We’ll give customers 30 days’ notice before prices increase

Currently, Ofgem price cap applies to this tariff and prices may change on 1st of October 2021

Safeguard PAYG (Variable)

Available to Pay As You Go customers

No exit fees

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