Fix your energy prices for peace of mind

You’re on a variable tariff right now. This means if energy prices go up, your bills go up too. With a fixed tariff, your gas and electricity rates are exactly that – fixed. So your bills will only go up if the amount of energy you use increases.

Switch to a fixed rate tariff

Why fix now?

We know the recent price rises are putting an extra burden on homes across the country.

There’s so much uncertainty still in the energy market, industry sources have advised that the price cap in October is expected to go up further taking the national average energy bill close to £3,000 a year.

Fixing now means you don’t have to worry about these price rises in the months ahead.

Your intention to switch to a fixed rate tariff

By completing and submitting the below form, you are notifying us of your intention to move from a standard variable tariff to a fixed rate tariff that has been outlined to you in one of our recent communications.