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PeakSave rewards customers for making small changes to when they use electricity. By using their smart meters, more than 600,000 customers save money with PeakSave every week.

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What is PeakSave?

PeakSave rewards customers for shifting their electricity usage to times when there’s less demand, or more renewable electricity available on the grid, supporting a greener energy supply.

So far, British Gas has paid over £11 million to more than 600,000 customers taking part in the scheme.

What’s more, customers have saved around 326 tonnes of carbon emissions and shifted 11,799 MWh of electricity through PeakSave Sundays alone.

And now we’ve launched PeakSave Green Flex - giving customers even more ways to save costs and carbon with British Gas.

PeakSave Super Saturdays

Go for gold and on 3rd August and 7th September, get half-price electricity, 9am - 5pm1

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Half-price electricity events

No opt in required PeakSave Gold Sundays

Podium-topping savings every single week with PeakSave Gold Sundays!

  • From 28th July until 8th September, get half-price electricity, every Sunday, 9am - 5pm1
  • During the eight-hour events, use as much electricity as you need
  • No need to opt into each one - PeakSavers are automatically included.
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NEW – opt in required PeakSave Green Flex

Get ready to flex your green muscles and save.

  • Get half-price electricity1 for one or two-hour bursts
  • Move your electricity use to when there’s likely to be lots of renewable energy around
  • We’ll let you know when there’s one coming up - opt in to join in and save.
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Weekly prize draw – win big!

PeakSaver prize draw

Win exclusive prizes to celebrate our partnership with Team GB and ParalympicsGB.

  • Only PeakSavers get to play! This is your exclusive chance to grab a prize.
  • A prize draw every week, for eight weeks.
  • Five prize bundles each week! There are plenty of goodies to go around.

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Benefits of PeakSave

Save money

By making small changes to your daily routine you can earn credit towards your bill or meter.

Be part of the bigger picture

Together, PeakSavers are helping to smooth out the peaks and troughs in the UK’s electricity demand.

Cleaner energy options

Help make better use of cleaner, greener energy by moving your electricity use to off-peak times.

Understand your energy use

Get a better understanding and awareness of how you use electricity at home.

Taking part in PeakSave

To start saving money with PeakSave you’ll need to:

1. Be a British Gas electricity customer

You can only join PeakSave if you get your electricity from British Gas. We'd love you to join us and getting a quote is simple.

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2. Have a smart electricity meter

Booking your free installation is simple. Just log in to your account and see if there's an upgrade invitation. If not, check back regularly.

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3. Join PeakSave

Register your interest in PeakSave and we’ll be in touch to get everything up and running.

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Flexible energy rewards with PeakSave

Find out how our PeakSave events work and why they’re kinder to the planet.

Watch time: 1m 52s

PeakSave Winter

PeakSave Winter events have now finished.

Read more about how much our PeakSavers saved and how they liked to get involved.

Which UK region is saving the most with PeakSave?

With PeakSave, you can save money by making small changes to when you use electricity.

It’s all done using your smart electricity meter. So, if we supply your electricity and you have a smart meter you’re good to go.

More than 600,000 customers are already making savings each week.

And thanks to all the amazing feedback we’ve had, and as proud partners of Team GB and ParalympicsGB, we’re going to extend PeakSave Sundays all the way to the Paris 2024 Games this summer.

So our PeakSavers can keep enjoying half-price electricity every Sunday from 11am to 4pm.1

What our customers are saying:

I do like the new opportunities so save a few bob on energy, such as peak savings. Anything helps.

Using the oven to batch cook on PeakSave day and doing  two loads of washing is very satisfying.

I have structured my washing, bulk cooking and using my tumble dryer only to a Sunday! It’s helped me form a routine which is so helpful in my busy life, and I know I will be saving so much money whilst doing this.

Savings made across the UK

Our PeakSavers love saving money on their energy. But which UK region goes the extra mile and saves the most? Who’s leading the pack and is top of the podium?

Well, it’s neck-and-neck, with the South East region just ahead of the pack with average savings of £20.50. And bringing up the rear is the London region with savings of £18.04.

But it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and there’s still a long way to go before we reach the Paris 2024 Games.

Region Saving
South East £20.50
East of England £20.02
South West £19.73
Wales £19.58
Midlands £19.32
North West £18.90
North East £18.86
Yorkshire £18.62
Scotland £18.51
London £18.04

Average savings per household up to 31st March 2024.

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Happy PeakSaving!

Frequently asked questions

What are peak hours for using electricity?

Peak electricity hours tend to be in the morning when people are getting ready to head out to work and school and, in the evening, when they’re returning and making evening meals. Therefore, electricity use peaks at around 7am to 11am and then again from 5pm to 9pm.

Some energy tariffs allow consumers to save money by using electricity at off-peak hours. However, consumers on standard flat-rate or fixed energy tariffs pay the same for their electricity regardless of the time of day they use it.

Learn more about peak and off-peak electricity.

I signed up for PeakSave but haven't heard anything yet. What’s going on?

Thank you for signing up. It takes us a while to complete all our checks to make sure you're eligible and everything is ready. We'll let you know when we've completed these. It could take up to 10 days, so please bear with us.

How will you know how much electricity I use during PeakSave events and how will you calculate my credit?

Your smart meter will tell us. When you signed up to PeakSave, you agreed to let us take a smart meter reading every 30 minutes during PeakSave events so we can see exactly how much electricity you’re using.

During PeakSave events, any electricity you use is half price. You’ll pay for the electricity you use as normal, then we’ll credit your account or meter back with half of what you spent. You’ll pay your daily standing charge at your normal rate. This will not be discounted.

The amount you earn will depend on your energy tariff, unit rate and how much electricity you use during the events.

For every event, we multiply the number of units of electricity you use during the event (kWh) by 50% of your tariff unit rate after VAT (p/kWh).

For example:

  • You’re a customer on our Standard Variable Tariff with an electricity unit rate of 33.21p/kWh (after VAT)
  • 50% of your unit rate is 16.61p/kWh (after VAT)
  • You use 5 kWh of electricity during the event
  • 5 kWh x 16.61p/kWh = 83.05p
  • Your credit for taking part is 83p

In this example, you’ll pay £1.66 for the electricity you use during the event. But because electricity is half price, we’ll credit your account or meter back with 83p.

We round payments to the nearest penny. So if you earn a 55.5p credit, we’ll round this up to 56p. If you earn 55.4p, we’ll round this down to 55p.

Can I take part in PeakSave if I’m on your EV tariff?

Yes. If you’re registered for PeakSave already or have received an email from us inviting you to take part, you can get involved. But please be sure to check your tariff unit rates here if you plan to charge your electric vehicle during any of the events.

If you normally charge up overnight on a discounted rate and don’t top up again during the day, you may end up paying more to charge during a PeakSave event, even with electricity being half price.

Can I join PeakSave if I’ve got a prepayment meter?

Yes – we can now offer PeakSave to customers who prepay for their electricity. Sign up to find out about the PeakSave events and how you can make the most of them. We’ll let you know how to get involved in each event and how we’ll credit your meter afterwards.

What is the Demand Flexibility Service (DFS)?

Demand Flexibility Service is part of a national effort by suppliers and National Grid ESO to help create a better balance between supply and demand on the electricity grid. Relieving pressure on the grid at peak times will make sure everyone gets the electricity they need to power their lives. And as increased demand at busy times is often met by burning fossil fuels, it'll help the grid be greener, too.

PeakSave Winter was our first flexible energy trial. Nearly 200,000 PeakSavers took part between December 2022 and March 2023, and by making small changes to when they used energy, they collectively helped save 147 MWh of electricity at peak times. That’s enough to power 750,000 homes for an hour!

And last winter, we paid more than £2 million to our customers, with each customer on average saving more than £9 on their electricity bill.

Following the success of PeakSave Winter, we were excited to explore new ways our customers could save money through flexible energy use.

So, in June last year, we launched PeakSave Sundays – where customers enjoy half-price electricity for five hours every Sunday. Demand is low on Sundays, so we encourage our customers to use as much as they need between 11am and 4pm. Not only are they saving money, but also helping to make greater use of cleaner, greener energy by moving their electricity use to off-peak times.

And more recently we’ve introduced PeakSave Green Flex events. These reward customers for moving electricity use to times when there is likely to be lots of renewable electricity available in the UK’s energy system. This could be because of lower demand, large amounts of renewable energy being produced with windier or sunnier weather conditions, or both.

What if there are problems with my smart meter?

If there’s a problem with your smart meter that means we can’t see how much electricity you used during a PeakSave Sunday, we don’t want you to lose out and you’ll still earn a credit.

For PeakSave Sundays, we’ll use average consumption during the five hours, based on available smart meter data from other PeakSavers, multiplied by your tariff unit rate to calculate your credit.

However, you’ll only be invited to take part in PeakSave Green Flex events if your smart meter is working properly and sending us regular readings.

What is flexible energy?

Energy systems need to continuously match supply to demand. This is called energy balancing. Flexible energy, or flexible demand, helps energy systems maintain this balance during periods of uncertainty.

In the past, this used to mean firing a generator up or down to meet the changing levels in energy usage. We used to hear how at half-time during the FA Cup Final, there was a huge spike in demand, as the nation reached for the kettle. Behind the scenes it meant power stations burning more coal (and sometimes even oil) to allow the country to have a simultaneous cup of tea. Now we can achieve grid flexibility through new methods, including energy storage, demand-side response (or flexible demand), and distributed generation (generating low carbon electricity at home or work, through solar panels or wind turbines, often paired with battery storage).

We’re exploring new ways we can supply cleaner, greener energy and help customers save money through flexible energy use, and PeakSave rewards customers for changing how and when they use electricity helping to reduce demand at its busiest. This helps to balance the grid and means we’re less reliant on fossil fuels to meet that demand, making our electricity more sustainable.

If you’d like to know more, see Centrica’s The Power of a flexible energy system.

Can I take part in PeakSave if I own roof-top solar panels and battery storage?

Yes. If you’re registered for PeakSave already or have received an email from us inviting you to take part, you can get involved.

Just bear in mind that your credits will depend on your electricity usage and generation, and how your battery is configured.

What if I move home or change supplier?

You’ll no longer be eligible for PeakSave if you move home, even if you take your British Gas account and tariff with you to your new property.

If you have a gas account with us and switch it to a new supplier, you’ll still be eligible for PeakSave. However, if you switch your electricity account with us to a new supplier, you’ll no longer be able to take part.

If you switch your electricity account to a new supplier and we owe you a reward payment for a PeakSave event, this will go towards your final bill. Whatever’s left over, we’ll send to you by bank transfer or cheque, depending on how you pay your bills.

If you prepay for your electricity and we owe you a reward payment, we'll credit the amount directly to your smart meter. If, for any reason, we can't add it to your meter remotely, we'll send a cheque instead.

Further information

PeakSave Gold Sundays

Until 8th September, get half price electricity every Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Start saving now

PeakSave Green Flex

Learn more about our PeakSave Green Flex events and how they work.

More about PeakSave Green Flex

Additional information

  1. You’ll pay your daily standing charge at your normal rate. This will not be discounted.

    For PeakSave GreenFlex, customers will receive a credit on their account or meter related to their electricity usage, calculated by using your smart meter readings. The number of units of electricity used will be multiplied by 50% of your tariff rate after VAT.