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Sign up by midday on Friday 28th April to take part in our special PeakSave Sunday event and benefit from five hours of half-price electricity!1

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What happens next?

1. Confirmation email

You’ll get an email from us shortly confirming you’re signed up to the event.

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We’ll text you an hour before the event starts so you’re prepared to take part.

3. Use as much as you need

Any electricity you use during the event is half price.

Taking part in PeakSave Sunday

  • You must sign up to our special PeakSave Sunday event to benefit from half-price electricity.
  • During the event, use as much electricity as you need. You’ll be charged for what you use as normal, then we’ll credit your account back with half of what you spent.
  • Big appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and ovens use the most electricity. Make the most of the event by catching up on chores or cooking your Sunday lunch.
  • We aim to email you about your reward within seven days of the event, and your credit will automatically be paid into your account. You won’t need to do anything.

Frequently asked questions

What is PeakSave Sunday?

Following the success of PeakSave Winter, we’re excited to explore new ways we can supply cleaner, greener energy and help customers save money through flexible energy use.

PeakSave Sunday is a special exclusive event that will help us develop future PeakSave schemes. It’s happening on Sunday 30th April between 11am and 4pm.

And for those who sign up, electricity will be half price!1

Demand for electricity is low on Sundays, so we’re encouraging customers to use as much as they need during the event. Not only will they be saving money, but making sure that they use energy when cleaner energy is more readily available.

We’ll keep track of how much you use through your smart meter, and credit your account back with half of what you spend.

To take part in PeakSave Sunday, you’ll need to sign up before midday on Friday 28th April.

What are the benefits of taking part?

  • Save money on your bill – any electricity you use during the event is half price.
  • Make use of cleaner, greener energy when it’s more readily available.
  • Get a better understanding of how you use electricity at home.
  • Help us develop more flexible energy events for the future.

How will you know how much electricity I use during the event?

Your smart meter will tell us. When you sign up to PeakSave Sunday, you agree to let us take a smart meter reading every 30 minutes so we can see exactly how much electricity you’re using.

How will I know when I’ve been paid?

You’ll see the payment show up as ‘PeakSave Credit’ on your electricity bill or online statement. We’ll credit your account automatically, so there’s no need to get in touch to arrange payment.

Further information

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Learn more about our PeakSave smart energy initiative.

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Legal information

  1. The PeakSave Sunday Event (the "Trial") is a trial that is subject to eligibility criteria and terms and conditions, which can be found in full here.

    The Trial will run on 30th April 2023 only and offer half price electricity, between 11am and 4pm, capped at 60 kWh. Any electricity you use above 60 kWh will be charged at your normal unit rate.

    A large home would typically use around 12 kWh of electricity a day. The 60 kWh cap for the five-hour slot is to make sure that PeakSave Sunday is used fairly. You will still pay your daily standing charge.

    We can cancel the Trial at any time before 30th April 2023. If we do, we will let you know.

    To be eligible to take part in the Trial you must (1)_be aged 18 or over; (2) be a current British Gas electricity supply customer; (3) have received an email invitation to the Trial from us; (4) have opted into the Trial via the email invitation we sent to you before the stated deadline; and (5) have a smart meter that is operating in credit mode and is opted into half-hourly meter readings.

    Eligible and opted-in customers will receive a bill credit related to their electricity usage during the Trial, calculated by using your smart meter readings. The number of units of electricity used will be multiplied by 50% of your tariff rate before VAT. If for any reason we are unable to retrieve your smart meter data, we may need to estimate your electricity usage, as explained in detail in the full terms.

    Your bill credit will normally appear on your electricity account within 2 weeks of the Trial ending although it could take longer. Bill credits cannot be transferred to another account holder and cannot be exchanged for cash or a voucher.

    You will not be able to continue participating in the Trial if you no longer meet the Trial's eligibility conditions, move home, switch your electricity supplier, or begin to take your supply through a meter operating in pre-payment mode.