PeakSave Winter

Our PeakSavers joined events to use less electricity, by moving their usage out of peak times when the grid was working overtime.

They earned money off their bills for any electricity they saved. And by helping to reduce demand at peak times, they supported a greener grid and made sure everyone got the energy they needed.

How did our PeakSavers get on?

Our PeakSave Winter events have now finished. But the nationwide effort has ensured homes and businesses across the UK have been powered by more reliable, greener electricity. And hundreds of thousands of customers have saved money off their bills, too!

Last winter, we paid more than £2 million to our customers, with each customer on average saving more than £9 on their electricity bill.

And together, PeakSavers helped save 451 MWh of electricity. That’s enough to power 2.3 million homes for an hour. Showing even small changes really add up.

We know it’s not always easy to shift energy use to different times of the day. But our PeakSavers rose to the challenge.

We loved hearing about the changes they made to take part – using the events as opportunities to walk the dog or play board games as a family.

Of the PeakSavers we surveyed, 70% changed when and how they cooked or washed their clothes. And nearly half chose to put their dishwashers or tumble dryers on at different times.

Read more about our PeakSave Winter demand flexibility scheme

Here are some of the great things you told us about your PeakSave Winter events:

The slots around 5-6pm enabled me to simply enjoy an hour of peace and TV, cooking, lights on etc. I filled a flask of hot water and lit candles before 5 and had the house to myself...bliss!

Saving money is always a top priority but using energy more efficiently means a great deal. And it makes you think about how you use electricity.

It makes me aware of doing things in a different way, it saves money, and it’s good for the grid and environment.

It opened our eyes to be mindful of wasted energy and ways to conserve it.

We are making a more conscious effort to reduce our energy usage ... and encourage the children to do the same.

Our PeakSave Winter events are now closed. You can find out all the ways you can carry on saving with PeakSave here.

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