Home repair services. Cooking appliances

Trying to cook up a storm but can’t get the hob, or oven to work? Book a repair and we’ll have you baking and making in no time.

What needs fixing?

Which cooking appliance do you need help with?

Electric cooker

If your electric cooker or oven isn’t heating up, turning on or has another problem, we can help.

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Gas oven grill

Having problems with your oven grill? Get in touch with us and we’ll have you grilling in no time.

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Electric hob

Electric hob not heating up the way it used to? Book a repair and we’ll sort it in no time.

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Gas hob

If your gas hob won't ignite, produces uneven flames or has another problem, leave it with us.

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Gas cooker

If you are having problems turning your gas cooker on or turning the heating up, we can help.

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If your microwave isn’t turning on or the buttons aren’t working, we can pop round to fix it.

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Common problems

What if I have more than one appliance/electrical problem that needs fixing?

Just choose one of the appliances you're having problems with and we'll chat about your other appliances/electrical issues when we speak over the phone.

My electric hob always seems to stay at the same temperature

If the temperature of your electric hob stays the same even when you adjust the dials, it could be a problem with the internal thermostat. Our engineers will tell you if this part needs to be cleaned or replaced.

My electric hob doesn't heat up

The number one reason for an electric hob not to heat up is a lack of power. This could be something as simple as a timer being blown due to a power surge. If your cooker is getting power but not actually heating up, it could be something to do with the heating element. Get one of our expert engineers to take a look for you.

The flame on my gas hob doesn't ignite

This is a common problem and normally a sign that there's something disrupting the flow of gas to the hob. Give the hob a good clean and make sure the covers are on properly to see if that helps. If it doesn't, let us know and we'll send over an expert engineer to take a look and see if there's an issue with your gas supply.