Home repair services. Electrics and lighting

Tripping fuse box? Flickering bulb(s)? If you’ve got a problem with your electrics or lighting, we can fix it in a flash.

What needs fixing?

Which electrical fixture or fitting do you need help with?

Circuit breakers

If your circuit breakers keep tripping, humming or have another problem, we can fix them.

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Fuse box (consumer unit)

If your fuse box keeps tripping (or the fuses fall out), we’ll come to the rescue.

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Flickering lights? Dimmer switches not working? If your lights aren’t working, let us fix them.

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Loose or broken sockets? Book a repair with us and we’ll come over to take a look.

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If your transformers are overheating or just not working, we can pop by to fix them.

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If your home is experiencing frequent electrical surges or you’re just worried about the wiring, we can help.

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Common problems

What if I have more than one appliance/electrical problem that needs fixing?

Just choose one of the appliances you're having problems with and we'll chat about your other appliances/electrical issues when we speak over the phone.

My fuse box (consumer unit) is tripping regularly

Everyday items like tumble dryers, hair dryers and space heaters can use a lot of energy and trip circuit breakers - particularly if you're using a lot of high energy using items at the same time. It's nothing to worry about, in fact, circuit breakers are designed to protect you and your home. If it gets annoying, try and limit the number of electrical items you're using on the same circuit.

My light switches and dimmer switches don't work

If you've got switches in your house that don't seem to do anything, it could be that the lights or items they used to operate have been removed or it could just be a fault in the outlet, circuit or wiring. Dimmer switches that don't seem to 'dim' correctly could be older or faulty models and probably just need updating.

My house gets a lot of electrical surges

If you get a lot of electrical surges, it's best to consult a professional. Why not book an visit from one of our expert electricians?