Home repair services. Washing machines and dryers

Washing machine or dryer playing up? Book a repair with us and make your laundry problem our problem.

What needs fixing?

Which laundry appliance do you need help with?

Washing machine

If your washing machine is leaking or just not working, book a repair and we’ll fix it.

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Tumble dryer

Need a tumble dryer repair? Book one with us and we’ll restore your dryer to its tumbling glory.

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Combined washer dryer

If there’s a problem with your washer dryer, we can solve it. Just book a repair and we’ll pop over.

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Common problems

What if I have more than one appliance/electrical problem that needs fixing?

Just choose one of the appliances you're having problems with and we'll chat about your other appliances/electrical issues when we speak over the phone.

My tumble dryer won't switch on

You could have a problem with your timer switch, some faulty wiring or an issue with the door not closing properly. Ask us and we'll send an expert engineer over to help.

My tumble dryer won’t spin

If your tumble dryer won't spin, it might be a problem with the drive belt which turns the drum. If you can easily turn the drum by hand, the belt needs to be replaced. If it’s not the belt, you may have to replace other faulty internal components. Ask us and we'll send an engineer to help.

My washing machine is leaking

The main reason for washing machines to leak is that the rubber seals around your washing machine door have started to perish. Ask us and we'll send one of our experts over to help.