6 boiler accessories to make your boiler even more efficient

A new A-rated energy efficient boiler will help you to save energy and lower your fuel bills. While the boiler will do a lot of the legwork, did you know that there are boiler accessories that you can install at the same time that will work alongside your boiler to increase your energy efficiency even further?

Why do I need boiler accessories?

In 2018, the government introduced new legislation in England for new domestic combi boiler installations. To comply with this, all new combi boilers must adhere to these three minimum standards:

  1. The boiler must have an energy efficiency rating above 92%
  2. The boiler must have time and temperature control
  3. An additional energy saving measure must also be installed

At British Gas, every new combi boiler we sell meets the first two standards. To meet the third, we have a range of extra boiler products that you can choose from and you can learn more about each of them right here.

Even if you’re not looking to replace your boiler, or aren’t going for a a combi, you could still benefit from installing one of these boiler accessories to reduce your energy usage and cut your carbon footprint.

1. Smart thermostat

If you’ve ever worried that you’ve left the heating on when you go out, or panicked that the pipes might freeze when you’re away in winter, then a smart thermostat is the ideal gadget for you. Once you install a smart thermostat, you can control your heating from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. Switch it off if you’re going to be late home, so you don’t waste energy or money heating an empty home.

Smart thermostats come with all sorts of other clever features too, like in-built frost protection and budget trackers. You can make your home even smarter by connecting them up to other smart products to give you more control of your home. For example, connect it up to a smart sensor, and you can set it to switch the heating off automatically when it detects a window being opened.

Here at British Gas, we offer smart thermostats from our friends at Hive with our boiler installations.

2. Flue heat recovery units

When your boiler is generating heat, a small amount escapes through the flue. Recovery systems are a type of boiler add-on that can capture some of this heat that would otherwise be lost and convert it into energy to heat your water. They’re only available for combi boilers as they work by providing heat to the cold water supply that feeds the hot water output.

Some new boilers already incorporate flue gas heat recovery, so you may not need to buy a separate boiler accessory if this is true for the model you choose. Always check a boiler’s features before you buy.

3. Load compensation thermostats

This additional boiler device works by adjusting the temperature of the heat going to your radiators. When your home is cold the temperature going to your radiators will be higher. Then, as your room warms up and needs less heat, it lowers the temperature supplied to radiators. It keeps you comfortable, while using less energy.

4. Weather compensation thermostats

While load compensation thermostats work indoors, weather compensation thermostats are a boiler accessory that is installed outdoors. These external sensors are fitted to your north facing wall to monitor the temperature outside and adjust your boiler output accordingly to prevent wasting fuel.

5. Modulating room controllers

Modulating room controllers are a smart boiler add-on that differ from traditional on/off systems by trickle-heating a space to prevent radical room temperature changes. That means you don’t need to drastically turn up the heating when it’s cold, or turn the whole system off on warmer days.

6. Thermostatic radiator valves

A handy add-on that can make a big difference when compared to their manual counterparts, thermostatic radiator valves (or TRVs) let you regulate the temperature of each radiator in your home individually, so that you’re not wasting energy heating rooms that don’t need it. For example, you could turn off the radiator in the spare room, have the living room radiators on full blast and the kitchen one somewhere in the middle – so everywhere is as warm as you want it and no warmer.

Warming to the idea of installing a new boiler? We’re ready to help.