Making the most of a boiler installation

Whether you’re looking to install a new boiler or simply improve the efficiency of your existing model, there’s now a fantastic suite of modern add-ons and extras that could help improve your efficiency and bring your overall energy costs down.

Take control with a smart thermostat

First things first, what’s a smart thermostat? It’s a fairly new type of heating control that allows you to remotely access and adjust your settings. No more thinking, 'Did I leave the heating on?'. Instead you have control over your heating, no matter where you are or the time of day.

With better controls, you can make sure your boiler only provides heat where and when you need it. That’s the convenience side of things. But what about the cost benefits? Installing and correctly using a programmer, room thermostat, and thermostatic radiator valves could potentially save you as much as £150 each year and cut your carbon dioxide emissions by 680kg.


Turn lost heat into usable energy

When your boiler is generating heat, a small amount escapes through the flue. Recovery systems capture some of this lost heat and transfer it into energy that will heat your water. These systems are great for anyone wanting to bring down overall costs while being environmentally conscious. They’re only available for combi boilers as they work by providing heat to the cold water supply that feeds the hot water output.

Some new boilers are made with flue gas heat recovery already incorporated, so you may not need to buy separate recovery devices if you choose one of these models. Always check a boiler’s features before you buy.


Opt for a modulating room controller and say goodbye to temperature swings

A modulating room controller is a smart, modern option to help bring down your energy bills.

It differs from your traditional 'on' or 'off' system by trickle-heating a space to stop radical room temperature changes so you don’t need to turn up the heating drastically when it’s cold or shut the whole system off on warmer days.

These controllers are an affordable, easy option that can reduce the amount of energy wasted in reheating a home that’s cooled down. And what’s more – they can save you between 10% and 20% on your gas bill too.


An oldie but a goodie – discover the benefits of thermostatic radiator valves

Looking for a simple way to make a big impact? Thermostatic radiator valves, also known as TRVs, are a handy add-on that can make a big difference when compared with manual valves. They let you regulate the temperature of each radiator in your home so once the room has reached your perfect temperature no additional energy is wasted.

We’re the largest energy supplier in the UK, so it’s safe to say we know our stuff. If you’re warming to the idea of installing a new boiler, book an appointment with one of our heating advisers today to find a boiler and system that’s right for you.

Want to make your existing boiler work better? We have a few home improvement products that can help. If you spot any extras you like the look of, be sure to mention them to the adviser when you call in.