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Lower carbon alternative. Why choose LPG?

If you’re starting to get issues with your old oil boiler, it might be time to switch to LPG – a cleaner, greener alternative to oil.1 Just like oil, LPG is a convenient source of gas that’s ideal if you live in a remote or rural area without access to a mains gas connection. It’s a lower carbon, more environmentally friendly way to heat your home than oil.1

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Boiler and heating repair. Book a one-off repair

One of our expert engineers will take a look at your boiler and central heating and give you a quote to repair them.

How much you’ll pay will depend on where you live and how long we think it’ll take to complete the work.

If you’re happy with the quote, we’ll get started on the repair right away.

If you decide not to go ahead, you’ll only be charged for 30 minutes of the engineer’s time. If we find other issues while we’re repairing your boiler - such as a leaking radiator – we’ll give you a separate quote to repair those too.

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Boiler and heating service. Annual boiler service from £99

We recommend getting your boiler serviced around once a year to keep it safe and in good working order.

  • Testing your flue to make sure your boiler isn’t leaking any carbon monoxide
  • Checking your gas pressure to make sure it’s at the right level and inspecting your boiler for wear and tear, plus any leaks

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Peace of mind. Why British Gas?

When you get a new boiler with British Gas, our warranty of up to 12 years gives you the peace of mind of knowing we’ll come to the rescue if anything goes wrong.

Need expert advice? One of our heating advisers can visit you at home, take a look at your heating system and chat with you about your needs. They’ll leave you with a couple of options to think about and a free, fixed-price quote.

Call us to book an appointment with one of our heating sales advisers.2

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What is LPG?

What’s LPG?

LPG is a gas that’s been turned into a liquid through pressurisation. It comes in two forms, propane and butane. Propane has a lower boiling point, so it’s more suitable for safely storing outside. It’s used in homes all over the country for heating, cooking, and to produce lots of lovely hot water.

How does an LPG boiler work?

LPG boilers use LPG to heat your home, supply gas to your hob and give you instant hot water whenever you need it. Your LPG boiler burns LPG stored in external tanks to heat your water and your radiators. Some boilers designed for natural gas can be converted to use LPG.

What are the benefits of having an LPG boiler?

With an LPG boiler you get all the benefits of a natural gas boiler – but you don’t need to be connected to the gas network. So it’s perfect if you’re in a remote location or a rural area. You can store LPG in large quantities, in a tank in your garden. And it’s delivered in a tanker, just like oil.

LPG boilers can achieve an efficiency rating of 90% or higher. Which means more of your hard-earned money goes to actually heat your home and hot water. And they’re generally quieter and more compact than having an oil boiler.

Additional information

  1. Compared to heating oil, BioLPG can achieve a 38% reduction in GHGs (CO2e/ eq function) based on allocation of 60% conventional LPG and 40% BioLPG. LPG can reduce 16% in GHGs (CO2e/eq function) compared to heating oil. (Atlantic Consulting, 2017, a report commissioned by Calor Gas Limited).

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