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Top home safety topics

Damage protection

Water-related damage can be expensive and at worst, make your home unlivable. A Surestop button lets you turn off your water in an instant if there's a problem. Freezing pipes can also cause water damage, so it's worth looking into pipe protection too.

Detecting danger

We know that protecting your home and family is your top priority. So it's a good idea to get your gas and electric appliances checked regularly. Making sure you have carbon monoxide alarms in every room you have a gas appliance is also important for safety and peace of mind.

Electrical wiring

Making sure your electrics are up to scratch is critical for safety at home — particularly if you've just moved into a new house or if you live in an older property.

Our recommended home safety products

Mains water switch

Put your mind at rest with an easy to reach Surestop button that'll turn off your water in seconds should you need to.

More about a mains water switch

Protective bonding

Cut the risk of electric shocks and electrical fires in your home with protective bonding.

More about protective bonding

Pipe protection

Protect your pipes from freezing and keep your boiler working.

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Carbon monoxide (CO) alarm

Protect your family with a CO alarm in your home.

More about carbon monoxide (CO) alarms

Gas safety check and certificate

We'll make sure your gas appliances are working safely and efficiently. If you're a landlord, this is a legal requirement.

More about a gas safety check and certificate

Fuse box (consumer unit) replacement

Update your fuse box (customer unit) so your electrics keep working safely and meet the latest regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a mains water switch or Surestop?

If there's a water leak in your home or you need to turn off your water immediately, the Surestop button will do that in a flick of a switch. If you have a stop cock that's hard to reach or very stiff and hard to turn off, a Surestop is a quick, accessible way to turn of your mains water in an emergency.

Why do I need protective bonding?

You may need protective bonding if you have metal, water and gas pipes coming into your home. Protective bonding is an essential requirement of every electrical installation, however it is often overlooked by an unqualified person attempting electrical work themselves. If you're having a new fuse box (consumer unit) fitted by British Gas and we see that you don't have protective bonding, we'll do it for you. You may have an advisory notice on your gas meter or boiler that says you need protective bonding.

Why do I need pipe protection?

Your boiler's waste pipe may go outside and can freeze in cold weather, stopping your boiler from working and causing water damage to your home. A Condensulate or a trace heater can prevent that. A Condensulate is an insulated pipe that can cope with temperatures of up to -15C.

Why do I need a carbon monoxide alarm?

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can cause serious illness or death. A carbon monoxide alarm is the best way to detect dangerous gases from any fuel burning appliance such as a gas cooker, fireplace or boiler. An alarm gives you an early warning about any carbon monoxide leaks in your home before they get to a dangerous level.

Why do I need a Gas Safety Check and Certificate?

Get expert safety advice and a Gas Safety Check and Certificate so you can rent out your property compliantly. Our Gas Safe Registered engineer will inspect your gas meter, pipework and appliances to help ensure you keep compliant with current legislation. We'll store your certificate in your online account so you'll always have access to it and we'll send you annual reminders to renew your certificate. Even if you're not a landlord, it's still a good idea to get your appliances professionally checked every now and then.

Why do I need a new fuse box or consumer unit?

Replacing your old fuse board with a modern consumer unit is a major part of ensuring your electrics are safe and up to standard. All of our installations are fully certified and we'll even notify your local building control. We'll test all the electrical circuits in the house during the installation, which will confirm the whole home is electrically safe.

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