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Protect your pipes from freezing and keep your boiler working.

Why your home may need pipe protection

Stop pipes from freezing

Outside pipes that let water run from your boiler may freeze when the temperature drops below 0 degrees.

Prevent boiler breakdowns

Frozen pipes can lead to boiler and central heating system breakdowns.

Keep your heating working

If you're worried that your central heating won't work when you need it most.

Keep your boiler working when it’s freezing outside

Your boiler’s waste pipe may go outside and can freeze in cold weather, stopping your boiler from working. A Condensulate or a trace heater can prevent that.

A Condensulate is an insulated pipe that can cope with temperatures of up to -15C. There are no running costs, so once it’s fitted you can rest easy knowing that your pipes won’t freeze. If you live in a particularly cold area, a trace heater might be a good option. It’s a low energy heater that switches on/off automatically depending on the temperature.

How to get pipe protection

  • Book a free home appointment and one of our engineers will come and make sure that pipe protection is right for you and give you a fixed-price quote
  • If you decide to go ahead, we’ll help you book an appointment
  • That’s it…

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