Home improvements. System filters

Prevent sludge and debris from clogging up your heating system and help your boiler work better, with less noise.

Why your home may need system filters

Hot water problems

If your heating and hot water take a long time to heat up or don't get as hot as they used to.

Cold spots on your radiators

If you've noticed that your radiators have cold spots on them, which reduces the efficiency of your central heating system.

Central heating issues

If your boiler or central heating system is noisy or frequently breaks down.

Protect your central heating system and boiler

A central heating system filter is a small, yet powerful device that fits by your boiler or in your airing cupboard. It captures damaging debris and sludge from the water in your heating system and prevents it from entering your boiler and causing damage. It’ll protect your boiler and radiators and help the heating system to last longer and work more efficiently.

  • Helps your boiler and radiators work quietly and efficiently
  • Easy to maintain — they just need a quick inspection and clean the same time you get your boiler serviced

How to get system filters

  • Book a free home appointment and one of our engineers will come and make sure that system filters are right for you and give you a fixed-price quote
  • If you decide to go ahead, we’ll help you book an appointment
  • That’s it!

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