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Soften your water and stop limescale damaging your taps, showers and appliances with a Sumo Water Softener.

Why your home may need water softeners

Hard water

If you live in part of the UK with hard water.

Reduce limescale

If you want to protect your home from damaging limescale.

Protect your appliances

If you want to protect your washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances that use water from limescale.

Say goodbye to limescale with a Sumo Water Softener

If you live in part of the UK with hard water, the limescale can damage your central heating and leave limescale in your dishwasher, kettle and washing machine. A Sumo Water Softener prevents limescale from damaging your appliances and keeps your laundry soft, your taps and glasses shiny, and gives you more bubbles at bath time.

  • Save up to 30% on your energy costs, just by having softer water
  • You won't have to use as much shampoo or washing powder
  • No more salt in your dishwasher — it'll work just as well without

How to get a Sumo Water Softener

  • Book a free home appointment and one of our engineers will come and make sure that a Sumo Water Softener is right for you and give you a fixed-price quote
  • If you decide to go ahead, we’ll help you book an appointment
  • That's it! You'll feel the benefits of your Sumo Water Softener straight away

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