Landlord insurance or landlord cover ?

What’s the difference between landlord insurance and landlord cover? And more importantly, do you need both? Read on for the answers.

What is landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is just like the insurance you have for your own home. It’s generally split into buildings and contents insurance, though as a landlord you can also add things like employer’s liability insurance or loss of rental income cover.

Your insurance covers the cost of repairs if your property is damaged by fire or flood, or by your tenants. A recent study found that around 35% of landlords in the UK don’t have specialist landlord cover for their properties.1

Make sure you’re not one of them.

What is landlord cover?

Landlord cover is there to look after maintenance and emergency repairs to your gas and electrical appliances. With HomeCare from British Gas you can also add cover for your drains and plumbing.

If something goes wrong, you don’t have to ring round to find someone to fix the problem. Use the app or your online account to get in touch and we’ll take care of it. You’ll also get an annual boiler service2 and a Gas Safety Certificate – a legal requirement for every landlord.

British Gas landlord cover. Protect your rental properties

Let us take care of the boiler, central heating, electrics, plumbing and drains in your rental properties. HomeCare from British Gas includes all your emergency repairs and an annual Gas Safety Certificate.

Get landlord cover

Do you need both?

Landlord insurance is there to cover the cost of rebuilding or repair after a flood, fire or extreme weather. It doesn’t cover mending a broken boiler or sending an engineer round to fix a failed electrical system.

If you have a large property portfolio, you may have a team to take care of any emergencies. But if not, take a look at our landlord cover and find the product that matches your needs and your budget.

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Additional information

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  2. Some annual services may be more than 12 months apart.