Landlord Insurance

Do you need specialist landlord insurance? Is it different from standard home insurance? What’s covered and what’s excluded? Read on for the answers.

What you need to know

If you own a property, you’ll want it covered by insurance. Buildings insurance is a requirement of mortgage lenders. And if you let your property furnished, contents insurance is a sensible precaution against the unexpected.

But as a landlord, do you need a special type of insurance? A recent study found that around 35% of landlords in the UK don’t have appropriate insurance for their properties and might not be covered if they need to make a claim. 1

A standard home insurance policy won’t cover your property if you’re renting it out. So protect yourself and your tenants with a policy designed specifically for landlords. There are plenty to choose from – whether you’re renting out a single flat or managing a large property portfolio.

Top tip: Remember, you’ll need a special mortgage for a buy-to-let property. Regular residential mortgages aren’t an option.

Seven reasons to choose British Gas Landlord Insurance

  • Specialist landlord insurance cover for floods, fire and burst pipes
  • Backed by AXA to help protect your rental property and manage claims
  • Choice of optional extras, incl. accidental damage and loss of rent
  • Property owner’s liability cover up to £10 million
  • Up to 10 properties on one policy
  • UK-based 24-hour emergency helpline
  • Quick and easy to get a quote

What’s included in British Gas Landlord Insurance?

With British Gas you can relax, knowing you’re protected against damage by:

  • Fire
  • Floods
  • Extreme weather
  • Burst pipes

They’re all covered as standard in your policy. But for greater protection, you can always add additional cover – whatever the size of your property portfolio.

Extra cover for extra peace of mind

Accidental damage

When you rent out a property, things can happen that you just don’t expect. With accidental damage added to your policy, you’re covered against nasty surprises – from drilling through a water pipe to a broken window.

Accidental damage quote

Employers’ liability

If you use professionals to maintain or repair your property, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. Get a quote, and protect yourself against potential injury claims – up to £10 million.

Employers’ liability quote

Loss of rental income

If you need to make an insurance claim for damage to your property, you could find it takes a while to get all the repairs done. So be sure to protect yourself against loss of rental income – for up to 36 months.

Loss of rental quote

Contents cover

Backed by a leading insurer, we can protect all the contents of your rental property up to £50,000. That should be enough to cover your furniture, fittings and even kitchen appliances – whatever happens.

Contents cover quote

British Gas Landlord Cover. Protect your rental properties

We can take care of the boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains and electrics in all your rental properties. HomeCare from British Gas includes your annual Gas Safety Certificate, and emergency repairs and breakdowns.

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What’s not covered – exclusions

Every insurance policy has limits, so make sure you read the Terms and Conditions carefully. For a quick overview you’ll probably want to read the Summary of Cover document, (PDF 928 KB) first.

If you need cover quickly get a quote online.

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Additional information

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