A series of short films exploring what home means to us in all its weird and wonderful forms. Click on the films below to watch and discover more.

British Gas. Looking after your world
channel 4
Gavin and Bryony Sadler spent 12 years building their perfect home. Then it was washed away overnight.
How do you get a hundred grand house for the cost of a second-hand car? Answer: Cob. What's Cob?
What would it be like to make your home in the place that was your playhouse as a child? When Amanda was growing up, the old derelict barn at the end of the drive was her play-space.
Filled with exotic details and spectacular architectural flourishes, designer Monika Dyson has created a home infused with the spirit of Gaudi, the genius Spanish architect who shaped Barcelona.
When it comes to home-making, sometimes bricks and mortar isn't the only way to go. After deciding to buy their first home, Olivia and Rob quickly realised they couldn't even afford a deposit.
There's only one thing better than popping down to your local for a friendly pint, and that's having your own replica pub in your downstairs hall.
When a house has been in the family for over four generations, it becomes a living family tree. Diane Cornelius grew up in the house and remembers her great-grandmother and grandmother living there.
Tired of living in what she saw as an unconnected neighbourhood in the city, Jane yearned for a more fulfilling existence at home, one where she could truly connect with those around her and still have the independence she wanted.
When the doctor unexpectedly uttered the word triplets', Matthew and Sarah Ramsden realised their home to-be-proud-of would change forever.
Emma Foden searched high and low for a family home and found it on the doorstep: her very own childhood home.
Everything happened in Karen's Harlow home - births, deaths and marriages - from huge joy to devastating grief. How do you say goodbye to three decades of memories?
Sometimes the longing to discover your heritage is so strong, you cross continents to find it. As a child, Deborah dreamed of the fairy-tale land of the Welsh hills where her father grew up.
The BoKlok Flatpack flats in Newcastle were the first of their kind in the UK. Constructed in a factory and assembled on site, they are stylish and energy efficient.
Have you ever dreamt of finding a long-lost rich relative who leaves you a massive inheritance? For Richard Fitzherbert, it happened to him when he was 25 years old.
Matthew and Philippa are in love and happily married. They have a lovely little daughter and a beautiful home. The only this is... they live 108 miles apart
The average asking price for a house in the UK is around £250,000. In Stoke-on-Trent, Rachel Roberts bought her two-bedroom house for less than the cost of a skinny cappuccino.

* Based on comparing the savings for upgrading a G-rated to an A-rated condensing boiler with a full set of heating controls. Savings assume a gas price of 4.21p/kWh. Source: energysavingtrust.org.uk/Heating-and-hot-water/Replacing-your-boiler (03/15). Boiler Efficiency Guide tool provides a guide on potential energy savings based on your property type and model of boiler (see SEDBUK/SAP 2005) it does not take into account season variations in the climate which can affect the gas consumption. Older appliances that have not been assessed under the SEDBUK methodology have an 'estimated efficiency' and their efficiency has been determined using Table 4b of the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings. (EE = Estimated Efficiency).