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British Gas to offer full annual refund on direct debit credits

Customers who would prefer to keep any additional credit in their account to go towards future bills will also be given this option.

Currently, if a customer has credit of more than £100 at the end of their annual review and has given an accurate reading in the last three months British Gas will automatically return the credit amount to the customer’s bank account. This amount will be moving to £75 while British Gas makes the necessary system changes to enable the option of a full annual refund.

A customer can request a refund on their account at any time via phone or using the British Gas online tool which allows customers to take full control of their own Direct Debit payments, allowing them to flex their payments or take payment holidays.

Ian Peters, Managing Director of Residential Energy at British Gas, said: “We are pleased to announce that British Gas will refund any credit balance at the end of an annual direct debit plan where we have an up-to-date meter reading, unless the customer chooses to carry it forward to pay for future bills. We manage our customers’ direct debit payments with great care to ensure they are paying the right amount. Greg Barker has steered the industry to agree new standards and best practices for direct debits which are mostly in line with British Gas existing practices, and we are pleased to be going one step further. ”

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