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Response to an article in the Times

"British Gas offers exactly the same tariffs to our loyal customers and our new ones. We also proactively contact all our customers with a personalised “Tariff Check”, to tell them if we can offer them a better deal. Next month, we will go one step further, and provide a cost comparison in every customer’s bill.

"We reject absolutely any suggestion of “predatory pricing”. Within the current limits set by the regulator, we have a range of tariffs available at different prices, with fixed or variable options depending on the customer’s preference.

"We work hard to keep bills as low as possible for all our customers, focusing not just on price but also on helping our customers reduce their energy consumption. We have installed around 2 million energy efficiency measures in customers’ homes in the last 5 years and almost 1 million Smart Meters, which help customers monitor their energy usage and costs. And as The Times recently reported, we are trialling a new Smart Meter tariff, which offers free electricity on Saturdays. In addition, our innovative remote heating control Hive allows customers to control their central heating remotely from a computer or mobile phone.

"All these are ways in which we are bringing innovation and choice to Britain’s competitive energy market and helping our customers to manage their energy use and their bills."

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