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New Jobs Announced – Case Study - Laura Whalley, Manchester

Laura explained: “After leaving the army I was worried that I might not have the skills needed to transfer to the workplace, but British Gas made the application process really easy and allowed me to demonstrate my suitability despite only ever working for the forces.”

Talking about the selection process, Laura continued: “The questions were asked in a way that involved talking about certain situations and how you’d dealt with comparable ones, rather than having to relate it to past experience in a similar job.

“I would absolutely recommend the job on the recruitment process alone and have done to contacts and friends at my last regiment”.

She went on: “It was a massive relief to realise that there was a company that wanted me post-service. I was elated to get the job and really lucky that British Gas arranged for me to have an earlier start date than planned so that I could get started straight out of the army.”

In her new role, Laura particularly enjoys working so closely with customers, “For me, realising that the company really believes in what it does and put the needs of the customer before everything else is the most enjoyable thing about working at the company. No false promises; they stick to their word.”

On her progress so far, Laura concluded: “I have just completed my training but having seen the excellent development opportunities on offer, there are definitely progressions that I wish to make.

“My last position in the army was as a military instructor, which I really enjoyed, so eventually I’d like to be involved in training other team members up. I think it would be a nice link between the two roles, and I’d relish the opportunity to be so closely involved in helping British Gas to continue its success.”

For further information, visit or follow @britishgasjobs on Twitter.

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