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Case Study - Jess Powell, Prince's Trust and British Gas

Jess recalls: “I didn’t do very well at school as I wasn’t very academic. I often felt too shy to ask for help with anything, so when things were bad, it meant I struggled even more. I used to compare myself to other people so was always putting myself down.”

Jess finished school and went on to college to complete her studies. After finishing Jess was thrilled to find a job for a small local business and she began to feel positive about her future.

However, not long after, the business folded and Jess was made redundant.

Jess said: “It came as such a shock. I was left with nothing and honestly felt like I’d gone backwards.”

With no work, Jess had no money and it began to affect her social life, self-esteem and dreams for the future.

It was around this time that Jess came across Get into Engineering programme delivered by The Prince’s Trust and British Gas. The four-week employability course offered training, qualifications and vocational experience, as well as workshops covering CV writing skills and interview techniques. It was part of a wider five-week programme delivered by Nest, the Welsh Government’s fuel poverty scheme, in partnership with British Gas, the Prince’s Trust and Global Action Plan (GAP).

Jess said: “When I first heard about the programme I jumped at the chance. It came along at the right time and I knew straight away it was my chance. I felt so welcomed by The Prince’s Trust and British Gas and took it upon myself to prove that I could turn this into a positive thing for me.”

Jess is now completing a year-long apprenticeship for a Nest contractor and has applied for a place at college to study alongside it.

Jess said: “The Prince’s Trust and British Gas have given me my life back. I’m finally working towards a career and am in a position to start building a proper future for myself. I have never been so grateful.”

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