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British Gas kicks off first national Smart Meter Challenge

Smart meters are transforming the way we use gas and electricity, giving people accurate energy bills and insight into how they use energy. British Gas is leading the way in bringing this technology to homes, and to discover how people across the country are finding the experience, we've partnered with research agency The FuturesCompany to create the first national Smart Meter Challenge.

What is the Smart Meter Challenge?

15 homes across Britain will have smart meters installed and complete a series of challenges to investigate:

  • attitudes towards energy use and how people think about energy consumption in the context of other activities and spend
  • where and how people use gas and electricity, and how having smart meters helps them have more control
  • the impact of a ‘digital detox’; switching off all entertainment and communication devices, to see what difference this makes on energy use and family life.
Each week, the households will record their experiences, with The Futures Company capturing insights to reveal how smart meters are being used, and the impact on energy consumption and control.

We’ll be sharing their progress each week here, or you can follow the challenge on twitter by searching for #smartmeterchallenge.

Find out more about smart meters on our website here.

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