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Mr Anthony Waters

We were very saddened by the death of Mr Anthony Waters, and have offered our sincere sympathies to his family.

British Gas employees who were onsite when we executed the warrant followed our established procedures. Because of what Mr Waters said, they contacted the police and remained there until officers arrived.

This is a most distressing case. We have re-examined very carefully the circumstances of the disconnection of Mr Waters’ business account, and we are looking to learn any lessons from this.

British Gas Business has a number of ways in which we can help customers struggling to pay their bills. In Mr Waters’ case, we had been working with him to agree an acceptable plan to repay his business’ debt.

Disconnection is always a last resort and follows a lengthy period of discussions about repayment plans and attempts to resolve the issue.

British Gas Business also works with specialist organisations like Business Debtline to try to resolve debt issues. There is a wide range of help available. Any customer who is worried about energy costs should call us on 0800 980 1917 or make contact via the website,

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