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More than half a million British Gas customers receive £140 off their energy bills

British Gas has ensured that more than half a million of those most in need have been paid the Warm Home Discount to help with their energy bills ahead of Christmas.

Thanks to new improved systems, British Gas has processed most of its Warm Home Discount payments a month earlier than last year. The faster payments timetable means that 130,000 more customers than last year are receiving their £140 credit in time for the festive season.

This is in addition to the 400,000 British Gas customers who received their Warm Home Discount in September. 56,000 Pay As You Go customers will receive bar-coded letters containing a £140 credit with which to top up their meters in January 2015.

The Warm Home Discount is a five-year scheme introduced by Government and delivered by energy suppliers to help the most vulnerable with their winter energy costs. British Gas has the widest criteria of eligibility for the scheme, with no restrictions on the number of customers that can sign up.

In total, British Gas expects to pay 600,000 of its customers a total of £84 million in Warm Home Discount payments this financial year. Over the five years of the scheme it expects to spend more than £300m.

Stephen Beynon, Managing Director of Residential Energy at British Gas, said:

“No one should be left in the cold during the winter months, especially at Christmas. That’s why we’ve worked hard to deliver the majority of the Warm Home Discount before the holiday period, and give our customers who are most in need £140 to help with their energy bills.

“We do a lot to help people who are struggling with their energy bills and last year we spent more than £380 million helping our elderly, disabled and most in need customers. Anyone who’s worried about rising costs can – and should – contact their energy provider or a relevant charity to discuss the help available.”

Getting the Warm Home Discount

People need to apply each year to qualify for the payment, so British Gas has reminded its customers to get in touch if they think they may be eligible.

To be eligible, customers must:

  • Be receiving the Savings or Guarantee & Savings element of the State Pension Credit
  • Be receiving Eligible Means Tested Benefits
  • Have a household income below £16,010 and have a disability of long-term illness
  • Or have a household income of below £16,010 and be spending more than 10% on fuel for adequate eating (usually 21 degrees for the main living area)

Applications can be made by calling 0800 072 8625 (for credit meter customers), or 0800 294 8604 (for Pay as You Go customers).

Alternatively, customers can apply online at

Notes to editors

  • The 400,000 British Gas customers who are automatically entitled to the Warm Homes Discount received their payment in September 2014. Suppliers, DWP and DECC describe these customers as the “core group”.
  • An additional 133,000 credit account customers, who applied and were found to be eligible for the discount, received their payments ahead of Christmas. Official bodies refer to these customers as the “broader group”.
  • A further 56,000 customers on Pay As You Go accounts, who applied and were eligible, will receive their bar-coded discount letters in January/ February 2015. They also fall within the “broader group” category.
  • Further information on Warm Home Discount:
  • People can find out what help they could be eligible for by visiting

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