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British Gas meets new energy efficiency target four months early, helping a third of a million households stay warm in winter

  • The March 2015 target for insulating people’s homes, under the Energy Companies Obligation, was achieved four months early.
  • Last year British Gas delivered enough free loft insulation under the ECO scheme to cover the pitch at Wembley Stadium 241 times.
  • Scheme runs till 2017, so the company continues to provide domestic loft and cavity insulation free to people in 90% of homes that need it.

British Gas today confirmed it has met its first Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) target four months early, completing the work in December 2014, well ahead of the March 2015 deadline[1].

ECO is a Government scheme which requires energy companies to help improve the energy efficiency of people’s homes. Under the scheme British Gas is rolling out measures such as free loft and cavity wall insulation to those whose homes need it. Some households can also qualify for a free energy efficient boiler under the scheme.

Already more than 330,000 homes have benefited from energy efficiency measures installed free by British Gas under the scheme. Tens of thousands more people stand to benefit: the ECO scheme continues until 2017, so British Gas will carry on delivering measures to homes across the country.

During 2014, British Gas installed enough free loft insulation under ECO to cover the pitch at Wembley Stadium 241 times.

Forty-nine community insulation schemes have been completed, transforming the homes of thousands of social housing residents. Two of these schemes also include renewable bio-mass boiler community heating systems. These systems burn fast-growing, sustainable wood, to produce cost-effective and low-carbon heat.

In total, under ECO and earlier Government-led energy efficiency schemes, British Gas has installed more than 3.8 million energy efficiency measures in homes around the country, enabling households to benefit from energy efficient boilers, solid- and cavity-wall insulation and loft insulation.

Stephen Beynon, Managing Director, British Gas Residential Energy said: “We’re very pleased that we’ve met our first ECO target for insulating people’s homes - and we’re pressing on to deliver the March 2017 target too. British Gas is offering free domestic loft and cavity wall insulation and free boilers to those who qualify. We’ve had fantastic feedback from people whose homes have been transformed through this scheme. It helps them manage their energy use and keep their bills down. Now is the time for people to think about making the most of these offers.

“We’re talking to local authorities and housing associations all over the country about how we can help regenerate communities through solid wall insulation and the renewable district heating scheme. We’re going to keep up the pace in our efforts to deliver insulation and heating measures to hundreds of thousands more British homes.”

Notes to editors

[1] Subject to ratification by Ofgem

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British Gas
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