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More than 85 per cent of people from Leeds say they would change their daily routine to save money

New research has revealed that 85.5 per cent of people from Leeds would change their energy habits if it meant saving money on their bills.

Over half the people asked in the British Gas survey (53 per cent) also said they had tried energy saving measures in the last year and more than a third (35 per cent) said saving energy is a priority in their home.

Despite this, more than two thirds of people from the city who took part in the poll also admitted to leaving lights on in empty rooms or leaving TVs and DVDs on standby.

That’s why British Gas has launched its Energy Challenge, offering practical energy-saving advice to consumers in Leeds. The company will be in Crossgate Shopping Centre giving people the chance to take the ’60 Second Energy Challenge’ to find out how they can change their habits around the home to be more energy efficient.

Sarah Fanthorpe from British Gas, said: “It is great to see that so many people from Leeds are willing to make changes to their habits so they can save energy and get their bills down.

The ’60 Second Challenge’ can help show people how making simple changes to everyday routines like turning off lights and unplugging devices can really help to save money.”

Just 3 per cent of people knew that you can save more than £160 per year by installing loft and cavity wall insulation – rising to £260 per year for solid wall homes.

The poll also showed that 46 per cent of people did not know what a smart meter is – despite more than 22,000 already having been installed in the city by British Gas.

Smart meters let you see how much gas and electricity is being used in pounds and pence at any time, and by 2020, every home in Britain will have one.

British Gas will be on hand at Crossgate shopping centre all week to talk about the benefits of smart meters, as well as give top tips on keeping warm in an efficient way.

For more information on how to save energy in the home and for details on the benefits of smart meters visit

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