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Brummies becoming more energy savvy according to British Gas Research

  • 87 per cent want to change their energy habits to cut down on their bills
  • Half of all residents want energy saving to be a priority at home
  • Half of all Birmingham residents try and save energy at home, though only three per cent knew how much insulation could save
  • Residents could save up to £4,000 of the total cost of solid wall, which helps keep homes warmer for longer and could save up to £270 on energy bills a year

Homeowners in Birmingham are becoming much savvier when it comes to energy efficiency, according to new research from British Gas. 

Over half of the people surveyed in the city said they try to save energy in their home, whilst 87 per cent said that they would change their energy habits if it meant making savings on their bill. Almost half (44 per cent) said that they would like energy saving to become a priority in their home. 

The poll also shows that people are taking more steps to save energy, with a third knowing about smart meters, and almost 68,000 already installed in homes across Birmingham.

This is why British Gas has launched its Energy Challenge, offering practical energy-saving advice to consumers across the West Midlands. 

The next stop on the British Gas roadshow will be at the intu Merry Hill Shopping Centre on Friday (27th February), offering people the opportunity to take the ‘60 Second Energy Challenge’ to find out how they could improve energy usage at home. 

A British Gas Smart Energy Expert will be on hand at the roadshow event to talk about the benefits of smart meters, along with an engineer who will be on hand to provide tips on winter warmth. A home insulation expert will be on site too, discussing how people can insulate their homes and make them feel warmer with solid wall, cavity and loft insulation. 

The team will also be talking through the benefits of insulation, after just three per cent of those surveyed knew that installing insulation can save an average of more than £150 on energy bills each year, and up to £270 per year on solid wall homes**. 

Many residents are not aware of these savings that can be achieved by insulating their homes. Working with the Government, British Gas is rolling-out free insulation for 90 per cent of homes that need it.

This revelation comes ahead of a new wave of The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), a Government initiative which offers grants of up to £4,000* to those looking to make energy savings by using solid wall insulation. 

James Babb from British Gas said: “The 60 Second Energy Challenge will help people living in Birmingham to be more aware about how they use energy, it offers simple and practical tips to reduce their energy use. 

“We’re looking forward to getting to know the people of the city and providing advice on simple day to day tips, as well as advising people on long-term investments like solid wall insulation, which is now much more affordable via the Green Deal Home Improvement Funding grants. We urge anybody who’s interested in taking advantage of government funding to get in touch with us, and book a survey in order to meet the funding eligibility.” 

For more information on how to save energy in the home and the benefits of smart meters, please visit 

People interested in solid wall insulation should contact 0800 980 7640 or visit

Notes to editors

  • Survey completed in January 2015, with over 500 Birmingham based respondents
  • Birmingham residents can save up to £4,000 of the total cost of solid wall insulation through the Government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. A new wave of funding, available on a first come first serve basis, is expected to be released imminently. The last round of funding last year was taken up within just a few days of release so people in the city are being urged to book a survey to ensure their homes meet the criteria for the scheme, so they can then take advantage of the funding as soon as it has been released
  • The price of solid wall insulation varies from home to home. It can cost an average of £9,000 but with the Government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, people can claim up to £4,000 off the total cost of the insulation
  • *People living in a three bed semi detached house could save up £270. People living in a detached home could save on average £460 on their energy bills. Source: Energy Saving Trust –
  • ** Source: Energy Saving Trust - & August 2014. Actual savings depend on individual circumstances.

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