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British Gas providing free and low-cost boilers to almost 20,000 homes



  • Almost 20,000 households to benefit from a free or low-cost replacement boiler
  • Replacement boilers will save consumers money through reduced bills
  • Scheme open to homeowners and tenants who receive income-related benefits

Almost 20,000 households will benefit from a gas replacement boiler as part of a new scheme being offered by British Gas.

British Gas will provide free or low-cost gas boilers to low-income households as part its commitment to delivering energy efficiency measures to homes across Britain in 2016.

Boilers typically account for half the cost of a households energy bills. Replacing an older, inefficient boiler with a new A-rated boiler could save consumers around £340 a year. 

The scheme is only open to those in receipt of income-related benefits such as Pension Credit, Universal Credit and Job Seeker's Allowance. However, you don’t have to be a British Gas customer to qualify for the scheme; and it is open to tenants as well as homeowners.

Angela Needle, Head of Strategic Projects at British Gas said;

“This new scheme will deliver more efficient gas boilers to more people for less money. In fact, for most people, it will be completely free.

There are many benefits to installing a new boiler but increased efficiency means less energy usage and lower bills.”

A small contribution towards the cost of improvements is required if the work involves relocating rather than simply replacing the boiler; if the home is already energy efficient; or if additional work is needed, such as installing a pump, extending flues or an electrical upgrade.


Notes to editors

This offer has now closed and is no longer available. 

British Gas is the UK's leading energy supplier, and serves around 11 million homes in Britain – nearly half the country's homes – as well as providing energy to around half a million UK businesses. British Gas provides value for money, dedicated customer service, innovative energy solutions and the highest quality Home Services expertise in the country.

To qualify for this scheme consumers must be in receipt of one of the following:

  • State Pension Credit
  • Income Support as well as:
    • having parental responsibility or
    • receiving one of: child tax credit with a disabled element or disability premium or disability child premium or pension
  • Income Based Job Seeker’s Allowance as well as:
    • having parental responsibility or
    • receiving one of: child tax credit with a disabled element or disability premium or disability child premium or pensioner premium
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance as well as:
    • having a work-related activity or support component or
    • having parental responsibility or
    • receiving one of: child tax credit with a disabled element or disability premium or disability child premium or  pensioner premium

      If participants have an income of less than £16,010 per year, not including benefits and they receive:

  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit as well as:
    • having parental responsibility or
    • in receipt of a disability element or
    • are aged 60 years or older

      If receiving Universal Credit and the monthly earned income, in any twelve preceding assessment periods, does not exceed £1,250 as well as:

  • having parental responsibility or
  • has limited capability for work or
  • receiving one of: a disability living allowance or personal independence payment

Parental responsibility includes being responsible for a child under 16, or between 16 and 20 in full time education who resides with you.

The scheme is open to homeowners and tenants with a private landlord (written permission must be received from the landlord) and your current gas boiler needs to be inefficient, for example it's 8 years old or more. This is because if your boiler is already energy efficient, you won't see any real improvement.

British Gas will survey the property to verify eligibility before fitting the new gas boiler.

As part of the British Gas offer, participants will also receive HomeCare200™ for a year. This is worth up to £228, and covers participant’s boiler, controls and central heating system should there be any breakdowns within the first year of operation.


For more information contact:

Centrica Press Office
01784 84 3000

British Gas is Britain’s leading energy and services company, serving more than 10 million homes and over 400,000 businesses across the country. More than 8,000 highly-trained engineers guarantee the highest quality of service for our residential and business customers. We also provide a range of innovative offers and services including connected home Hive™ products, smart meters, and the online tradesman service, Local Heroes.

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