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British Gas to launch innovative new energy plan for smart meter customers - free electricity on Saturdays or Sundays

  • Industry first for British Gas as it launches time-of-use plan for smart meter customers
  • Pioneering energy plan gives customers more control over their energy use
  • British Gas time-of-use trials show customers saving £60 a year off annual bill
  • FreeTime will be priced at standard rates with free electricity between 9am and 5pm on Saturday or Sunday

British Gas this weekend launches a ground-breaking new plan called FreeTime, giving smart meter customers free electricity between 9am and 5pm on Saturday or Sunday. This is an industry first.

Customers will be able to choose which day of the weekend they would prefer to have free electricity, and there are no premium charges to use energy at other times. FreeTime is fixed until March 2018 and will be the cheapest dual-fuel deal currently offered by British Gas.

British Gas has been trialling these plans with thousands of its customers. Customers on the trial have commended the tariff, reporting that they have changed their behaviour and are saving an average of £60 from their annual bill by shifting their energy use.

Sarwjit Sambhi, Managing Director of UK Home at British Gas said: “FreeTime is an industry first and will give our customers greater control of their energy use. British Gas is leading the nationwide roll-out of smart meters, and now we’re the first to launch a smart plan that offers free electricity at weekends.

“This will be the first of many smart meter innovations from British Gas which will also contribute to managing the country’s demand for power from the national grid.

“Our hundreds of thousands of smart meter customers already benefit from accurate bills and a greater understanding of their energy use. Now they’ll be able to enjoy doing more of what they love at the weekends, knowing their electricity usage is free during the day.”

British Gas has installed over 2.4 million smart meters in homes which provide meter readings directly to suppliers, meaning an end to estimated bills. Customers are provided with a smart energy monitor which shows how much energy they are using, and what they are spending, as well as online tools to help them manage their usage.  

Customers will need to have smart meters installed to receive FreeTime - to find out more please visit



Notes to editors

About HomeEnergy FreeTime March 2018

FreeTime March 2018 is available for dual fuel customers who already have a British Gas smart meter or are eligible to have one installed. The average duel fuel bill will be £1,001 (based on Ofgem average consumption). The daily standing charge of 26p will still apply on the free day.

Customers on our trials saved an annual average of £60, with 11% of their electricity usage occurring during their free period. This included shifting some of their electricity usage from other days. Eighty-six per cent of customers said they believed the changes they made had reduced spend.

About smart meters

Smart meters replace existing standard gas and electricity meters and will be introduced in homes and businesses as standard by 2020. They come with a smart energy monitor that displays how much gas and electricity is being used, and its cost in pounds and pence, in near-real time. That information is shared with energy suppliers automatically, putting an end to estimated bills and meter readings. The information from smart meters gives customers a greater understanding of how they’re using their energy. British Gas has installed over 2.9 million smart meters in homes and businesses.

British Gas is leading the industry on developing innovative products that offer customers the latest technology to manage their energy usage and keep bills down.

For more information contact:

Harriet Bevis

Jennifer Plews
PR manager
01784 878704

British Gas is Britain’s leading energy supplier, and serves around 11 million homes in Britain – nearly half the country’s homes – as well as providing energy to around half a million British businesses. British Gas provides value for money, dedicated customer service, innovative energy solutions and the highest quality Homes Services expertise in the country. Find out more at

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