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Dyno helps men saying goodbye to their Movember 'tache avoid the "Mo Block”

With the hairiest month of the year drawing to a close, plumbing, heating and drains specialist, Dyno, is providing men across Britain with expert advice on how to dispose of their Movember wall-of-fame-worthy moustache, without having to call on the company’s emergency services.

Last November Dyno were called to nearly 4,000 homes across the country to fix problems with bath and sink blockages and do not want to see men, who have admirably grown a moustache to raise money for men’s health projects, succumb to what the company is calling the Mo Block.

To avoid the Mo Block, Dyno recommend using the Mo Catcher, a piece of material that is designed to catch hair while shaving and prevent drains from getting clogged.

The Mo Catcher works by first tucking it around the neck and then attaching its suckers to a wall, enabling you to simply trim and bin. The benefits of the Mo Catcher can be seen in this video, here.

Dyno is giving away Mo Catchers to the first 20 men who reply to the @DynoUK tweet or Facebook post: ‘Dyno's Dave looks unbelievably cool in his Mo Catcher’, with a picture of their illustrious moustaches. The competition opens at 10am on Wednesday 30th November.

Dyno engineer Jimmy Double said: “Movember is a fantastic cause and I salute everyone who’s participating. Please remember that sinks are sensitive souls, so it’s best to avoid putting stuff down there that could cause clogs.
If you do end up fuzzing up your pipes, remember that Dyno is here to help in your hour of need.”

Practical advice

Dyno has some simple steps to help you fix a blocked sink.

1. Make sure you come prepared: Before you start to tackle your blocked sink, you'll need:

  • protective glasses and gloves
  • a dish cloth
  • some baking soda and white vinegar
  • some soda crystals
  • a washing-up bowl or a bucket
  • a plunger

2. Clean out the plughole: First, you'll need to unscrew the plug. Next, have a good look in the plughole and clean out any bits of debris or grime that might be stuck in the plughole.

3. Seal up the plughole: Make sure the plughole is covered in water so you'll have an airtight seal for the plunger.

4. Block up the overflow: Use the dish cloth to plug up the overflow – again, making sure you've got an airtight seal.

5. Bring the plunger out: Place the plunger over the plughole so that it covers it, and then gently push the plunger up and down. You might need to hold the dish cloth tightly against the overflow to ensure a good seal.

6. Add a little baking soda and vinegar: Hopefully, a little plunging has managed to clear the blocked sink. But if it hasn't, you can try pouring a small amount of baking soda down the plughole, followed by a cup of white vinegar.

7. Flush through with hot water: You should be able to see or hear some fizzing as the baking soda and vinegar work to break down debris and grime. After a few minutes, you can simply wash the mixture through the drain with some hot water from the tap.

8. Try using some soda crystals: Alternatively, you can dissolve half a packet of soda crystals into some boiling water, and then pour this solution down the plughole to help remove any fats, grease or soap residues that might have built up.

9. Find the U-bend: If you're really unlucky, and you've got a particularly stubborn blocked sink, you can try to remove and clean out the U-bend. Just look for the first bend in the pipe underneath the sink.

10. Get a bucket ready: Place a washing-up bowl or a bucket underneath the U-bend, ready to catch any water that spills out.

11. Loosen the U-bend: Carefully unscrew the plastic fitting where the U-bend joins the bottom of the sink. Once you see water start to drip out, stop unscrewing and let all of the water drain into the bucket.

12. Inspect the U-bend: Once the water stops draining out, you can remove the U-bend completely and take a look inside. Pull out any objects or built-up debris that you can find, and then reattach the clean U-bend to the bottom of the sink. If you've followed these steps carefully, you should now know how to unblock a sink yourself. But if you're still having problems, or you're not comfortable following these steps, just get in touch with Dyno – we'll be more than happy to come and take a look at the blocked sink for you.

Notes to editors

About Dyno:

  • Dyno is part of Centrica and operates around 45 franchises all over the country with over 1,000 fully qualified engineers.
  • Skilled engineers assist with plumbing, drains and heating problems, and the nationwide service operates 24/7.
  • For more information on Dyno please visit:

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