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British Gas unveils major new programme to reward loyalty and engage customers

  • British Gas launches series of market-leading initiatives under a new customer reward programme backed by an investment of £100m
  • Customers to get personalised offers, ranging from discounted energy and home services to entertainment perks
  • British Gas Rewards to launch in April

British Gas has embarked on a major drive to engage and reward millions of its loyal customers. It is launching a series of market-leading initiatives, including innovative product bundles, under a new customer reward programme backed by an investment of £100m.

British Gas Rewards will launch in April and signals a step change in British Gas’ effort to engage customers, allowing them to select benefits they want and need. Customers will have access to a selection of personalised offers, ranging from discounted energy and home services to entertainment perks.

All British Gas energy and services customers will be eligible.

Early highlights of British Gas Rewards include:

  • An industry-leading collaboration with Sky, allowing customers to access great value entertainment, even if they are not a Sky subscriber. There will be further offers in partnership with top UK brands.

  • New market-leading “loyalty deals” for energy, with larger discounts for those who have been British Gas customers for the longest.

  • A new energy tariff bundled with British Gas Homecare services, including an annual service visit -- a feature customers say they really value. This is also a good opportunity to help customers with energy-saving tips or suggestions to reduce bills, which in turn drives satisfaction.

  • A new energy tariff bundled with Hive Active Heating and other connected home technology. Access to cutting-edge technology will put customers more in control of their energy and enable them to reduce consumption.

  • Other energy tariff bundles, such as with insurance, for customers who want peace of mind but don’t own their home, such as tenants.

British Gas Rewards runs in parallel with the commitment from the company to contact every customer on its standard tariff by mid year, offering them targeted deals to ensure they make an active, informed choice over their energy tariff. Earlier this month, Britain’s largest energy supplier extended a price freeze for 5 million customers on standard tariffs until August 2017. It had already pledged that existing customers would have access to the same energy deals as new customers.

British Gas said customers did not need to take any action at this stage, and it would be contacting them directly to invite them to join the new rewards programme.

Mark Hodges, Chief Executive, Centrica Consumer, said: “In the competitive services and energy markets where consumers have many choices, we know we have to work hard to win new business and keep our loyal customers happy. Our customer base is very diverse, and what they want and need from us varies significantly. The rewards programme we’re unveiling today is about offering customers more than just energy.

“Above all it’s vital that we ensure customers continue to make an active informed choice about their energy tariff. We recognise there’s more to do - today’s announcement isn’t the end of our drive to engage customers, but it is a major milestone.”

Notes to editors

1. Mark Hodges’ blog on rewarding loyalty 22 February 2017

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Tim Cowen
Head of Press Office
British Gas
01784 84 3000

British Gas is Britain’s leading energy and services company, serving more than 10 million homes and over 400,000 businesses across the country. More than 8,000 highly-trained engineers guarantee the highest quality of service for our residential and business customers. We also provide a range of innovative offers and services including connected home Hive™ products, smart meters, and the online tradesman service, Local Heroes.

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