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British Gas shows the lead in rewarding loyal customers

By Mark Hodges, CEO, British Gas


In Britain’s competitive services and energy market, customers know there is a wide array of providers to choose from, all vying for their business. Companies must work hard to attract new business, and keep their loyal customers happy.

We’ve just announced British Gas Rewards, a major drive to engage and reward our customers.

Some regulatory restrictions have eased since the end of the Competition and Markets Authority investigation last summer, and we are now able to take bold steps to reward loyalty, marking our appreciation in tangible ways -- like special “loyalty tariffs” with larger discounts for long-standing customers.

British Gas Rewards will operate from April, and is backed by an investment of £100m. It’ll be open to all our energy and services customers. They will be able to choose what they want or need from a range of personalised offers – from discounted energy and home services, to perks including entertainment products from Sky.

This will extend and enable our ongoing effort to engage customers. We’ve committed to contact every customer on our standard energy tariff by mid year to offer them targeted deals and ensure that they make an active, informed choice over their tariff.

Over the next few months, through British Gas Rewards, we’ll be unveiling an exciting range of market-leading innovative products and bundles, offering customers more than just energy.

For example, one bundle will combine a competitive energy tariff with the benefits of British Gas Homecare -- including the annual service visit, which we know customers regard as one of the most important features of that product. Another will add Hive Active Heating and other connected home technology to a competitive energy tariff. Customers such as tenants, who don’t need home services but still want peace of mind, will be able to choose bundles which combine energy with home insurance.

We want customers to differentiate British Gas from our competitors, big or small, and choose us. With more than 50 competitors in the energy market, we are determined to give our customers great offers and services – reasons to choose us.

We are committed to continuing to drive improvements in customer service, and to sustain our investment in technology for customers. Hive, our connected home brand, now has more than half a million customers, with high levels of satisfaction.

Eleven days ago, when we extended our standard tariff price freeze until at least August 2017, I said you would see us doing more to meet customers’ needs, earn their business and reward their loyalty. Today’s British Gas Rewards announcement is all about that. And there will be more!

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British Gas is Britain’s leading energy and services company, serving more than 10 million homes and over 400,000 businesses across the country. More than 8,000 highly-trained engineers guarantee the highest quality of service for our residential and business customers. We also provide a range of innovative offers and services including connected home Hive™ products, smart meters, and the online tradesman service, Local Heroes.

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