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Apprenticeships give us skills for life, say British Gas apprentices

The survey carried out by the UK’s leading energy supplier also found:

  • British Gas apprentices feel secure in their roles: 83% say it gives them financial security, and 91% say it gives them job security
  • They would recommend an apprenticeship to others: 98% would recommend it to their friends, and 94% say they’re financially better off in the long run and better prepared for the world of work, than friends who went on to college or university
  • They also think it sets them up well for life, with 98% saying the skills they’ve learnt will be useful in other jobs, and 100% saying their apprenticeship has set them up for successful future careers

British Gas is currently training 300 apprentices across its six training academies. It has recruited 3,357 apprentices since 2003, receiving almost 50 applications for each position.

Claire Hall, HR Director at British Gas, said: “With the economy facing tough times, there are over one million 16-24 year olds who are not in education, employment or training. Apprenticeships offer a clear route to a job with skills and prospects for life. All of our apprentices that we surveyed think their apprenticeship sets them up for a successful future.

“Applicants often think that they need the technical skills in place already before they apply. Interpersonal skills are actually more important to us. We can teach the technical knowledge, we look for people who are natural communicators and want to give great service to our customers.”

This year 78 apprentices will join the British Gas smart metering and electrical services divisions.

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