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Keen on Green

Around two thirds (61%) of young Welsh people (19-25) say they are interested in working in the green economy, according to research released today by British Gas. The research shows that young people see the green economy as a route into secure, long-term employment. More than three-quarters (87%) say they recognise the importance of the green economy to Wales’ growth over the next ten years.

The research is released as Wales Office Minister Stephen Crabb MP, visits the British Gas Training Academy in Tredegar to meet British Gas trainees who will become Green Deal assessors.

When asked what would help more young people get a job in the green economy, the research showed that:

  • A fifth (24%) called on school career advisors to give students more information on jobs and training opportunities in the green economy. Forty two percent of young people want companies to offer apprenticeships

  • 38% of young people interested in green jobs say they don’t feel they have the skills to get a job in the sector

  • A quarter of young Welsh people (25%) don’t feel the training and job opportunities currently on offer do enough to help develop skills they can use throughout their career.

The green economy, which includes jobs in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation, is a major growth area for Wales and across the UK. The Green Deal alone is expected to create 250,000 green jobs across the UK by 2030.

Wales Office Minister, Stephen Crabb said:

“Thousands of homes across Britain are wasting energy and money because of poor energy efficiency, yet demand for measures to counter this remains low.

“The Green Deal gives people the opportunity to make this right. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to meet the young people who are developing the skills they need to play a key role in ensuring the Green Deal’s success. The skills they are learning at this Academy will help them to help people and businesses to transform their properties into more efficient and warmer buildings, and to protect them from rising energy bills”

Based in Carmarthen, Philippa Jones undertakes Green Deal assessments, she says: “Green Deal is a fantastic scheme and it looks at the property and not the owner. Households are now able to make energy efficient changes to their home with little or no upfront costs. Green Deal is a great way for people to future proof their bills, smarten up their homes and gain a more comfortable living environment.”

Lisa Robbins Head of Academies at British Gas said: At British Gas, we have a long and proud history of equipping young people with the skills they need to meet the UK’s energy needs. Since 2003, our Academies across the UK have trained over 5,000 apprentices. We can do more in the future as the green economy will create long-term jobs and growth over the next twenty years. Today’s research shows that young people welcome this support and want to be a part of the growing green economy.”

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