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British Gas delivery of CERT and CESP obligations

British Gas is leading the delivery of warmer, more energy efficient homes in the most cost effective way possible. Through the CERT and CESP schemes we have invested £1.1bn in delivering over 20 million energy efficiency measures to improve homes and reduce energy bills.

It is encouraging that Ofgem's review of the CERT and CESP schemes shows the benefits that customers have received, albeit that some treatments were necessarily installed after the cold winter. In total, British Gas has delivered more energy efficiency improvements to Britain's homes than any other supplier.


British Gas met the total targeted carbon savings required under the CERT scheme early in 2013 - shortly after the original deadline. In doing so, we delivered more benefits to vulnerable customers than required under the obligation.


Under the CESP Scheme we focussed on improving homes in some 318 low-income communities with a high proportion of hard to treat housing, including measures such as solid wall insulation.

However the particularly adverse weather conditions throughout winter prevented us from carrying out the improvements in the safest, most cost effective way. We expect to complete the remaining improvements by Summer 2013.

In the new Energy Company Obligation (ECO) British Gas has made an encouraging start, signing up around £100m of energy saving contracts across the country but remains vigilant that programmes represent good value for money for bill payers as costs of carbon abatement in the brokerage market are currently over £100/tonne.

British Gas this week became the first energy supplier to help a customer access Green Deal Finance to help improve their home.

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