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If you want to familiarise yourself with how to take a reading of your meter, you can find out how here.

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We just need the name and account number, and you can submit meter readings in a few clicks.

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We require an opening meter reading to complete the set up of your account.

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If you have a Smart meter but would still like to give us a meter reading you can submit them here.

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If you want to provide a meter reading you can fill out our form by clicking below.

Alternatively, you can email us at:

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Frequently asked questions

Can I call to give a meter read?

The quickest way to give a meter read is online or via our app. If you want to give a meter read via the phone you can use our automated service, you’ll just need your customer account number and meter reads to hand.

If your customer account number starts with an A or BGX then call 0330 054 5340.

If your customer account number starts with 85 then call 0330 100 0056.

Lines are available 24/7.

What happens if I don't submit a read?

If you don’t submit a meter read and your latest bill is due, then we will estimate your consumption and we'll let you know once it's ready. Your bill will reflect any price changes which may happen.