Moving home. Moving home with your

A few useful tips to make the home move less stressful for you and your four-legged friends.

Somewhere to go. Day of the move 

Make sure you’ve got somewhere else for them to be on moving day, such as with a friend or relative. As much as you love them, it’s best not to have them padding about underfoot as you load the car and say goodbye to your old home. It’s also a calmer day for them. 

Pet ready. Prepare your new home

Give your new place a thorough once-over to make sure it’s safe for exploring paws. Check the garden for areas where an excitable mutt can squeeze through gaps in the fence. Rolled wire mesh and ground stakes are great for making gardens pet safe.

For cats, make sure they have a dark, quiet place to retreat to should it all get too much. A cosy cardboard box tucked away somewhere snug should do the trick. 

Safe and familiar. Keep it like home 

Don’t wash your pets bedding just yet. Let them get settled in to their new home with things that look, feel and smell familiar. If you’re putting things in storage, it’s a good idea to set aside your pet’s favourite toy with your other home essentials. 

Take the tour. Show them their new surroundings 

Dogs will be desperate to sniff every square inch of their new surroundings, so let them get the lie of the land. Put them on a lead to sniff outside areas, and short walks around the block will help familiarise them.

For cat owners, keep cat flaps locked until Moggy is ready to go it alone. Keep them to one area at first (with access to water, food and a litter tray) to help them adapt slowly.

There’s always time for a cuddle. Comfort and affection 

There’s nothing quite like an owner’s love and attention to help pets relax and get used to their new home. Don’t be afraid to make an extra-special fuss over them. Be calm and patient if they act out of character at first, or are noisy during the night. They may be frightened or unsettled in the beginning but it will get easier. Try to stick to their usual routine of feeding and walks to help their transition and you’ll all be settled in no time.