British Gas Priority Services Register (PSR) Application Form

It’s important to us that you get the support you need when you need it.

This form can be used if you have a temporary, long term or short term situation, a new condition or just need to update your existing PSR.

Who can apply to be added to the PSR?

You can apply for the PSR, or a family member/carer can apply on your behalf. If you’re already on our PSR, this form will override anything you’ve previously told us about yourself.

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Passwords must only include letters (not numbers) and be no longer than 6 letters.

When you sign up to the PSR, we’ll store and manage your data on our secure systems. You can read more about how we use your information above in our Energy privacy notice at

Sometimes we’ll share it with those who supply and maintain the supply of electricity & gas to your home, including meter operators, engineering partners and network operators.

If you’re already on our Priority Services Register, this form will override anything you’ve previously told us about yourself.

I wish to be added to the PSR