Here you can find the Tariff Information, which includes the daily Standing Charges and unit rates for each of our energy tariffs, old and new. The list includes tariffs you might have as an existing customer but that we no longer offer to new customers.

Confirm your tariff selection below and select from the options to see how much you will be paying in pence per kWh. You can find your current rates on your bill if you're unsure how much you’re currently paying.

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A Dual Fuel tariff is when you are on the same tariff for both gas and electricity with the same supplier.

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If you pay two different rates for your electricity, your meter has two sets of dials. These will be labelled 'high' and 'low' or 'day' and 'night'.

We need this to give you the most accurate rates. The postcode you give helps us determine the correct unit rate and standing charge for where you live.

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Prices include VAT at the applicable rate and are rounded. The prices appear differently on your bills and statements where we show prices excluding VAT. To find out more go to

The Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) is a single figure that represents the cost per kWh that a typical consumer would incur on this tariff. It is based on an assumed consumption level of 12,500 kWh for gas and 3,100 kWh for electricity and includes the unit rates and standing charges of the tariff, along with certain types of discounts and bundled products and services. It can be used as an approximate guide for comparing tariffs, and is not an actual price. You can find the TCR of your current tariff on your bill or annual statement. Further explanation of the TCR can be found below.

Included in TCR calculation:

  • Payment method
  • Unit rate
  • Standing charge
  • Dual Fuel discount (if applicable)

Excluded from TCR calculation:

  • Exit fee
  • Late payment fee
  • Additional products & services (e.g. Gift cards)

[1] Variable - With a variable price tariff your energy prices may increase or decrease at any time, but we’ll let you know 30 days before we increase your prices.

Fixed - With a fixed price tariff your energy prices are fixed until your tariff ends unless it is a tariff where the price may decrease. Or the government or regulator does something that changes the price. See the tariff terms and conditions for more.

Tracker - The price of this tariff may go up or down. The price of the tariff for your payment method and region will track the Ofgem maximum charge.  See the tariff terms for more information

[2] The standing charge is applied on a pence per day basis. It helps cover an energy supplier’s fixed costs.

[3] Personal Projection is an estimated cost of what you’ll pay for 12 months using the tariff unit rate for where you live, the daily standing charge, your annual consumption and any discounts that apply to you. It includes VAT.

These Standard, Temporary and Safeguard tariff prices apply from 1st october 2019. For details of our current Standard, Temporary and Safeguard tariff prices, applicable until 1st October 2019 please see BritishGas/alltariffs.