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The Energy Customer Discount is exclusive to customers who have energy with us when they purchase or renew a 12 month HomeCare® insurance contract. It does not apply to non-insurance HomeCare® service agreements, British Gas Home Insurance products and glazing, locks, roofs & pests insurance.

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Combined Boiler and Cooker

The AGA cooker is a heat storage stove and cooker, it has a heavy frame made from cast iron components which absorb heat from a relatively low-intensity but continuously-burning source, and the accumulated heat can then be used when needed for cooking.

Back Boiler / Back boiler with fire

A back boiler is a small, compact boiler fitted at the back of an open fireplace hearth. It sits behind an electric fire (in the chimney breast) and provides hot water and central heating to the property.

Central Heating boiler

Heat only boilers are usually installed on an open vented system. The system will usually comprise two tanks in the loft, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing cupboard and a separate pump.

Warm air unit / Warm air with water heater

Warm air heating, or warm air central heating, is the process of turning cool air to warm air. A warm air heater sucks in the surrounding cooler air through a vent and that air is then pushed over a heat exchanger via a fan.

Back boilers are hidden behind a chimney with a gas fire in front.

As a result your gas fire will also be covered FREE of charge as part of the services agreement via our Gas appliance cover product.

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HomeCare 300™ looks after your boiler, heating and plumbing. It gives you cover for your boiler & controls, central heating, plumbing & drains. We also include an annual boiler service to check everything’s working safely and efficiently.

Key inclusions
  • Repairs to your boiler & controls, central heating system, radiators, pipework and hot water system (including unvented and pressurised cylinders).
  • An annual boiler service that includes a safety and energy efficiency check.
  • A replacement boiler if it's less than seven years old and can't be repaired.
  • A replacement boiler if between seven and ten years old and can't be repaired, as long as we installed it and you have had a continuous agreement with us for the life of the boiler.
  • Plumbing repairs to hot and cold water pipes, toilet, cisterns, cold-water storage tanks, taps, water supply pipes and leaking or seized stopcocks.
  • Unblocking and repairing drains and pipes from toilets, baths and sinks (as long as they're not shared drains).
  • Accidental damage.
  • Up to £1,000 (including VAT) for gaining access to your boiler or system.
Key exclusions
  • Removing sludge or hard-water scale from your boiler or central heating system.
  • Fixing any damage caused by sludge or hard water scale (if we’ve told you on a previous visit that remedial work is required).
  • Replacing taps or the ceramic discs inside them.
  • Shower or spa bath repairs.
  • System improvements or upgrades.
  • Shared drains.
About HomeCare 300™

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Starting from:

£14.50 per month[1]

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HomeCare 400™ covers your boiler & controls, central heating, plumbing & drains, home electrics with an annual boiler service.

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[1] Price available to new customers and to existing customers adding to their product holding for the first year (paying by Direct Debit) and applies to most households outside of the M25. Prices for households within the M25 will vary. Your breakdown history will be taken into account in determining next year's pricing. Price subject to change. Terms & conditions apply.

If you are an existing energy customer, and logged in to your British Gas online account, the prices you see will be inclusive of the Energy Customer Discount (ECD). The ECD is exclusive to customers who have energy with us when they purchase or renew a 12 month HomeCare® insurance contract. It does not apply to non-insurance HomeCare® service agreements, British Gas Home Insurance products and Glazing, locks, roof and pests insurance. The discount will be applied either annually or monthly, depending on how you pay. The discount will show as a credit on your statement under 'How your payments are broken down'. Only one ECD of a maximum of £12 is available per household in any 12 month period. Please consult your statement and HomeCare® terms & conditions to see which products you have. We reserve the right to withdraw the ECD in the future without notice.

[2] Limits apply, please see full terms & conditions.

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Good service
Published on: 28 February 2015
9 out of 10


Just had new boiler ,gas workmen very good excellent ,only complaint took 6 days from
when old boiler broke down,to new put in .The weather at that time was very cold -4/5
as we are both pensioners we did try to get new boiler sooner.
Published on: 28 February 2015
8 out of 10


staff are very helpful and knowledgeable.
Published on: 28 February 2015
3 out of 10


East Grinstead
First problem is the timing of appointments if you have to leave your job to come back for an appointment 4 or 6 hours is too long a time frame, not all jobs are possible to leave for so long or at all, in our case teaching . Impossible to leave 30 kids during school hours. Secondly it took 4 visits to finally sort out our problem which has regularly occurred on a yearly basis about 2/3 weeks after our new boiler was installed by B Gas 5/6 years ago. Every time we have to call out an engineer they say that they have never seen a system like this before! Yet in was provided by and installed by B Gas! The problem this time took 2 weeks to sort out, a long period to be without the ability to heat water. After the second visit my daughter returned home to find water leaking from the unit all over the counter and kitchen floor. The guy who turned up for the emergency call out, which was caused by the visit of another engineer earlier in the evening, was not happy to be called out to a problem he had not caused and was rude and in his opinion it was not an emergency call out! Yet the leakage was due to a B Gas engineer's mistake a few hours earlier, he did nothing but complain for the whole of his visit which was over an hour. He wanted it fixed the following morning instead but there was no way I could be off school again! It took 2 more visits after this and several irate phone calls to the B Gas call centre getting a different person each time . So on the whole I would say no, in all honesty I could not recommend this service to anyone. I would also request a technical visit to survey this repeating fault with someone who understands the system installed by yourselves and to get to the bottom of this recurring nightmare!
Published on: 28 February 2015
10 out of 10


First class engineer carried out work at my home. He was probably the most polite workman we have ever had. He went the "extra mile" to ensure that everything was done to my satisfaction and all he did would stand any inspection.
Published on: 28 February 2015
8 out of 10


Edgeley Stockport
We have always been very satisfied with all the dealings we've had with the people that have come into our home to service the central heating. Communication leading up to appointments is very good.
Published on: 28 February 2015