Alexa, tell British Gas...

Talk to British Gas via your Amazon Echo device and get things done!

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant. You can talk to her, ask her to perform tasks without lifting a finger!

In 2016, Amazon introduced their voice assistant: Alexa is on different devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Tap or Echo Dot. She allows you to play your favourite playlist, set a timer while cooking, switch your lights on and off, change your home's temperature, or even flip a coin - just with your voice.

Now you can even interact with British Gas!

What can Alexa do with British Gas?

We've taught Alexa a few things so you can interact with us

Alexa has Skills. These are ways for you to interact with companies you usually deal with on the phone, on a website or a smartphone app. When you enable a Skill on Alexa, you can start a conversation with the company.

We have developed a few actions that you can ask Alexa to perform for you.

Alexa, ask British Gas what's my current tariff

Get your current tariff information, for both gas and electricity, just in case you don't remember.

Alexa, tell British Gas I can smell gas...

Tell Alexa you can smell gas and she will give you the emergency number to call, no need to search for it and lose time.

Alexa, ask British Gas what's my balance

Know if you're in credit or debit, and by how much, in seconds without having to log in to your account.

We're working on more tasks for you

We're working on implementing more things into Alexa, to make your life easier. Stay tuned!

Alexa, tell British Gas I want to submit a meter read

Submit your meter reads in less time it takes to log into your online account!

Getting Started

In order to interact with British Gas via Alexa, you need to enable our Skill

Once you've purchased and setup your Amazon Echo device, follow these steps to start your conversation with British Gas:

  • In the Amazon Alexa app, tap 'Skills' and search for British Gas. Tap 'Enable'
  • Follow instructions to link your British Gas account
  • You're all set up. Ask Alexa to do something with British Gas


You can also find the British Gas skill on

To talk to British Gas, you must start your requests with "Alexa, ask British Gas..." or "Alexa, tell British Gas..."

Amazon Echo Dot

Frequently asked questions

How do I talk to Alexa?

Chatting to Alexa is easy. When you want her to do something with British Gas, start by saying "Alexa, tell British Gas..." or "Alexa, ask British Gas..."(Just like asking your friend to help you out).

How do I start a conversation with British Gas?
Just like you need to wake Alexa by saying her name, you need to use specific words to start a conversation with us: "Alexa, ask British Gas..."
Where can I find the British Gas Skill?

Skills are available on the Alexa app, as well as on, ready to be enabled.

Does Alexa or British Gas listen to what's going on in my home?

No, as long as you don't wake your Alexa or start a conversation with British Gas, nothing you say is recorded or listened to by anyone. We do not record your voice or any conversation.

What can I do with Alexa?

You can ask Alexa to check your British Gas account balance, what tariff you are on, submit a meter read, and request the emergency phone number if you smell gas. Our team is working on new tasks to be added soon.

My Amazon Echo isn't working. What can I do?
Get in touch with Amazon's customer service, they'll be happy to help you.