Fault detection. Helping you stay one step ahead

British Gas and Hive have a range of services to help give you peace of mind.

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Why choose Hive fault detection services

Peace of mind

Our sensors monitor your boiler and mains water to check for issues like leaks or faulty thermostats.


If we see your boiler has stopped working we'll let you know so you can carry on with your day as soon as possible.

Prepared engineers

They’ll see your boiler’s data before they arrive and have the right parts ready for you.

Boiler IQ - from £69

Boiler IQ is a clever little device that keeps an eye on your boiler and tells us when it stops working. That way, we can help you get it fixed as soon as possible so you don't get left in the cold this winter.

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Hive Leak Plan - from £3.99 per month

Stop little drips from becoming big problems with the Hive Leak Plan. Hive Leak Sensors can detect if there's an unusual amount of water flowing around your home - which could mean you've got a leak. It then sends a message to your phone to let you know and if needed, can even help you find a plumber.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the Hive Leak Plan installation take?

Hive Leak Sensor is very quick to install. You just need to clip it to the 'home' side of your stop tap and before any branches on the mains water pipe. For full installation details please visit Hive.

How long does it take to install Boiler IQ?

Our British Gas engineers will install a small app either inside or alongside your boiler which typically takes around 30 minutes, but in some cases requires an hour.

How secure is smart home technology from British Gas and Hive?

British Gas and Hive have strict security measures in place to protect your personal information and access to your system, including robust procedures and using industry standard SSL encryption. 

Have an issue with your Hive Leak Plan?

Please visit Hive for any additional support required.