Solar energy. Charge your home with solar panels

With solar panels installed on your roof, you can power your home with green renewable energy.  

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Should you get solar panels?

As energy prices rise, the cost of solar panels is actually going down. And their technology has advanced a lot in the last ten years. Now’s the perfect time to start harnessing renewable energy and save more on your energy bills.

How much does solar energy cost?

Every installation is different, but prices to install solar start from £3,9001. This would include:

  • 4 solar panels (400W)
  • Survey, scaffolding and installation
  • An app for monitoring your system
  • 10-year warranty

If you wanted to add a 5.32kWh battery to store any unused energy for later, the total price would be £7,6502.

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Can you get solar panels on your home?

Most homes can get solar panels installed on them. However, it all comes down to the size, direction and pitch of your roof to see whether or not it’s right for you.

Size matters

With more panels on your roof, you’ll be able to create more energy. Average systems usually take up 15-20m2 of the roof.

Desired direction

In an ideal world, your roof will be south facing with no trees or buildings casting any shade. But don’t worry, you can still get solar panels on east or west facing roofs. However, they won’t produce as much energy.

Pitch perfect

We can’t install solar panels on flat roofs, so yours will have to be diagonal. The best angle (and most typical for most rooftops in the UK) is between 30-40°.

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Our solar solutions

Home battery

Store all that extra solar energy in a home battery. Then when you need it, you’ve already got it.

Save more on energy

Smart Export Guarantee

Export your extra energy back to the grid. And get paid for it. We’ll help when you join our Smart Export Guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which conduct the sun’s rays and create a flow of electricity. This newly created electricity then passes through an inverter which changes the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for you to use within your home.

What’s an inverter?

These are devices that convert the energy from DC to AC. Then you can use that to power appliances in your home. We usually install the inverter in the loft.

Will solar panels work when the sun isn’t shining?

Yes! Solar panels use daylight, so even on a cloudy day you’ll still be able to power your home. Obviously, the brighter the better though!

How long do solar panels last?

Most solar panels will last more than 25 years.

Legal information

  1. This price is based on purchasing a four-panel system, 400W premium panels.  Fitting to concrete tiles (not slate), single elevation of scaffold, with single phase electrics and no complexities. This system comes without a battery or optional extras. The full cash price for this system is £3,900.

  2. This price is based on purchasing a four-panel system, 400W premium panels and a 5.32kWh solar battery.  Price includes full system and install.  The full cash price for this system is £7,650.