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Solar Panels and Solar Battery

Save up to £775 with solar1, battery and an exclusive energy offer2. Then track what you generate, save and export in the award-winning Hive app.

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Why get solar panels with Hive?

Lower energy bills

Generating your own energy with solar panels and battery can save you up to £7751.

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Smart solar

Track what your solar panel set up generates, stores and exports in the Hive app.

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Exclusive energy offer

Choose solar with Hive and get up to 25% off electricity use with the Hive Solar Saver on any British Gas tariff.2

Hive Solar Saver

Get paid for your spare energy

Sign up to the British Gas Export and Earn Plus Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff and you can sell any excess energy back to the grid at 15p per kWh.

Smart Export Guarantee

Monitor your solar performance in the award-winning Hive app

The Hive app puts you in charge anywhere, anytime.

  • See how much energy your panels generate

  • Get a real-time view of how much energy is stored in your battery

  • Track how much energy you export to the grid 

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Legal information

  1. Based on a medium demand (2,700 kWh) property in London, with south-facing 10 panel 4kW arrays and a battery providing 35% of the home’s electricity needs. Excess energy is sold back to the grid at 15p per kWh using the British Gas ‘Export & Earn Plus’ SEG tariff. Saving includes ‘Hive Solar Saver’ discount of 25% on electricity unit rate in first year and savings will vary after that. Typical bill calculated using national average July- September 24 price cap rates. Actual savings will depend on location, installation, aspect and electricity use.

  2. Hive Solar Saver offer is available to Hive solar and/or battery installations purchased between 22nd May and 30th September 2024. 25% discount applies for 12 months. Discount excludes standing charge. For time of use tariffs, discount applies to peak rate consumption only. Must be new energy platform, direct debit, customer. For full details please see the Hive Solar Saver Terms & Conditions on the British Gas website.