Greener homes. Power your home with solar energy

You could save between 75% and 90% on your electricity bills1 with solar panels and a home battery.

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Our solar solutions

Solar panels

You could cut your electricity bills and your carbon footprint by generating your own renewable electricity using solar panels.

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Home battery

Store excess energy from solar panels to use later, rather than having to buy it from your supplier.

Save more energy

Earn 15p per kWh Smart Export Guarantee

The extra energy you generate from solar can be sold back to the grid. If you’re a British Gas electricity customer, you’ll earn 15p per kWh of electricity you sell.

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How solar energy can help you

Save on energy bills

Sun rays don't cost a thing. And by using your own energy, you'll enjoy lower bills.

Take control

Using your own solar energy means you need to buy less from your supplier.

Installed by experts

All our accredited engineers are gurus in getting you set up with solar tech.

Greener living

By relying less on fossil fuels you’ll be able to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

What happens during a solar panel installation?

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You can now power your home with solar energy to help cut electricity bills and lower your carbon footprint by generating renewable electricity.

Our partners. Effective Home

We work closely with Effective Home, one of the UK’s leading providers of solar panels. For over 15 years they’ve been providing reliable and advanced solar energy systems at affordable prices2.

4 steps for your solar setup

Week 1

Telephone survey

One of our solar experts will call and talk you through the best solution.

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Week 2

Your personalised proposal

We’ll email you personalised quotes, showing you how much you’ll save with solar panels. This includes how much you’ll save over the solar panels’ lifetime, as well as how long it takes for you to make your initial investment back.

Week 2-5

In-home technical survey

We’ll carry out a full home survey to get ready for your installation and answer any questions you might have.

Week 6-8

We’ll install your new solar energy technology

We’ll do all the leg work, including all the paperwork and speaking to your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to let them know you’re installing solar panels.

Frequently asked questions

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is any type of energy that’s generated by the sun. It can then be harnessed directly using solar panels that take the energy and convert it to electricity.

How does solar energy work?

As sun shines onto a solar panel, the sun’s energy is absorbed by the photovoltaic (PV) cells in the panel. The energy from this makes electrical charges that move in response to an internal electrical field within the solar panel’s cell. This then causes electricity to flow for use around your home.

Are solar panels worth it?

If you’re looking towards going green and want to create your own energy to use and save on bills - then yes, absolutely!

How long does it take to install a solar energy system?

After you’ve expressed your interest and spoke to one of our solar experts, we aim to have everything up and running within 6 to 8 weeks*.

*Subject to system size and DNO approval which Effective Home update you on.

Will I need planning permission?

Not for the majority of homes. However, if you live in a listed building, conservation area or a national park, it’s worth checking with your local council and planning office.

How much maintenance is involved?

You don’t need an annual service for your solar panels. But every once in a while, give your panels a hose down to get rid of any dust or dirt.

How long is the warranty?

You’ll get a 25-year warranty on solar panels, a 10-year warranty on batteries and a 10-year warranty on inverters.

Legal information

  1. Figures are based on medium-demand (2,900 kWh) properties in Edinburgh and Southampton, with south-facing 4kW arrays and a battery providing 35% of the home’s electricity needs. Excess daytime energy is sold back to the grid at 15p per kWh using the British Gas Export & Earn Plus tariff.​

    For the Edinburgh property, the consumption reduction of £475.86 combined with exported energy sold for £266.98 lowers the typical electrical bill of £988.12 by £742.84 – or 75.2%.​

    For the Southampton property, the consumption reduction of £512.60 combined with exported energy sold for £407.27 lowers the typical electrical bill of £988.12 by £919.87 – or 93.1%.​

    Savings will depend on location, installation, aspect and electricity use​.

  2. Once your solar purchase is complete, please note you’ll be entering a contract with Effective Home.