Hive Active Heating

The clever way to control your heating and hot water, at home or from your smartphone


British Gas customers can get Hive Active Heating for £9 a month[1]

What’s Hive Active Heating?

It's a smart thermostat that lets you control your heating and hot water from your smartphone, tablet or laptop

So whether you’re at work, on the bus or in the pub, the Hive App lets you change the temperature of your home in just a few taps.

Hive Active Heating works with your existing heating system and if you have a separate hot water tank, you can control your hot water too.

Why choose Hive Active Heating?


It'll only take one of our engineers 90 minutes to get Hive Active Heating up and running. The visit is included in the price, just pick a time that works for you.


With Hive Active Heating on your smartphone, laptop or tablet, it’s as easy to control your heating and hot water as it is to change the TV channel.


You could save up to £130[2] a year on your energy bills by never having to heat an empty home.


There's no need to change anything else. Hive Active Heating works with the heating system you already have. There's no need to buy a new one or change energy supplier.

What's in the kit?

A wireless thermostat

Beautiful design. Clever control. The Hive Active Heating thermostat lets you easily control your heating at home.

A hub

Plugs into your broadband router so your thermostat connects to the internet. (We’ll set it up for you during the installation).

A receiver

Lets your thermostat and boiler talk to each other. It’s usually fitted near your boiler, so you’ll barely notice it.

Control your heating for just £9 a month [1]

A British Gas engineer will install the kit for you, which is included in the price.

All you need is:

  • A gas central heating system
  • A broadband connection with a spare internet port
  • An extra power socket close to your router
  • An Android or iOS smartphone or tablet

Our award winning app

Packed with clever features, the Hive App is the easiest way to control your heating and hot water from wherever you are

Image of the Hive Active Heating App
  • Heating control
    Switch your heating on and off, up or down. If you want to extend your heating outside your usual schedule, use the boost button.

  • Hot water control
    Turn your hot water on and off. And if you fancy a shower outside your normal schedule, you can boost your hot water for up to six hours.

  • Geolocation
    Based on your phone's location, you will receive reminders to turn your heating on before you get home, or off if you've left it on when you go out.

  • Heating & hot water schedules
    Set heating and hot water schedules to fit in with your life. You can set between one and six time slots a day.

  • Frost protection
    To help protect your pipes from freezing, Hive Active Heating automatically activates when your heating's off and the temperature inside your home dips below 7°C.

  • Holiday mode
    Tell Hive Active Heating your holiday dates and your heating will sleep until you return. So you'll always come back to a warm home.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I cancel my monthly Hive Active Heating subscription?

Cancellation fees apply in the first 24 months. A fee of £150 will be charged if cancelled within the first 12 months and £70 if cancelled after 12 months but before 24 months. You will also lose the benefits and features of Hive Live.  

What happens to my Hive Active Heating subscription if I move home?

If you move within 24 months of starting your subscription, the cancellation fee will be payable unless you sign up to a new subscription in your new home.

What if I have more than one thermostat in my home?
Hive Active Heating comes with multizone capability that allows you to control up to 3 heating zones through the Hive App. You’ll need a separate thermostat and receiver for each heating zone.
Does Hive Active Heating work with all boilers?
It works with the vast majority of them, yes. When our engineer comes to install Hive Active Heating, they’ll check everything is up and running before they leave.

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[1] £9 a month available to new and existing British Gas energy, HomeCare and 5 Year Warranty customers only. If you cancel your British Gas product or if your energy supply doesn’t switch to us and you have no other eligible British Gas products, the price you pay for your Hive Active Heating will increase to £10 per month. If you purchase an eligible British Gas product again in the future, your price will go back down. Prices subject to change. Not available to existing Hive Live or Hive Welcome Home Plan customers. The subscription is ongoing and will continue until cancelled. Cancellation fees apply in the first 24 months. A fee of £150 will be charged if cancelled within the first 12 months and £70 if cancelled after 12 months but before 24 months.

[2] Savings based on annual energy consumption of 16,489 kWh.