Our new Hive products

Introducing Hive Active Lights™, Hive Active Plugs™ and Hive Sensors

What are Hive products?

We use our expertise in British homes to create wireless smart products that let you control your home from your smartphone, tablet or laptop – anytime, anywhere.

From Hive Active Heating to the new Hive Active Light™Hive Active Plug™ and Hive Sensors, we make clever tech simple.

Even more ways for you to control your home from your phone

Smart light bulbs, smart plugs and sensors are now joining the iconic Hive smart thermostat, so you can control more of your home from your phone. All our Hive products are wireless so they’re simple to install wherever you like.

The Hive Active Light™

Hive Active Light™

A smart LED bulb you can control from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Set schedules and dim levels too.

Cool to Warm White 9W Light™

You can set our tuneable LED Hive Active Light™ bulb from daylight cool to warm white. Create the right tone for you to work or relax, depending on your mood. 

Hive Colour Light

Colour Changing 9.5W Light™

The Hive Active Light™ colour LED light bulbs allow you to set them to any colour you can imagine, fitting every mood. They are specially built to reduce shadowing, so they can fill any room with the colour hue you've selected.

The Hive Active Plug™

The smart plug that lets you control your home electrical appliances from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Now you’ll be able to turn things on and off, wherever you are.

  • Control
    Worried you’ve left your hair straighteners or iron on? Check and switch them off from your phone.
  • Schedule
    Set up to 6 time slots a day to switch things like lamps on and off whenever you want.
  • Set up
    Just pair with the Hive Hub, add your smart plug device and then you’re ready to go.

Hive Active Plug™

Switch home electrical devices on and off, wherever you are.  So if you’re away, you can turn a lamp on and off from your Hive App so it looks like someone is home.

The Hive Sensors

Clever wireless sensors send an alert to your smartphone if there’s movement in your home, or your windows or doors are opened or closed. It’s as if your home is talking to you.

  • Reassurance
    For that extra peace of mind the Hive Sensors help you know what's going on at home even when you're not there.
  • Install
    Install in a few minutes with no screws required. Place our wireless sensors anywhere you want to monitor.
  • Notify
    Get free alerts on your smartphone if your windows or doors are opened or closed or there's motion in your home.

Hive Window or Door Sensor

Use the self adhesive pads enclosed with your pack and attach the larger wireless sensor to your window or door and the smaller sensor to the frame. If your window or door is opened or closed. You'll receive an alert on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Hive Motion Sensor

You can choose to receive alerts to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Easy to install, just place on a surface or use the self adhesive pads to attach to the corner of a wall.

Don’t forget you’ll need the Hive Hub


Hive Hub

The Hive Hub plugs into your broadband router so you can control all your Hive products remotely. It’s included as part of our Hive Active Heating kit, but if you’re just buying a Hive Sensor or Hive Active Plug™ today, you can buy a Hive Hub from our online store.

Each time you buy a new Hive product, just pair it with your Hive Hub and your user account is automatically updated. You can then start controlling your new product with the Hive App.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have the Hive Hub to make the new Hive products work?
Yes – the Hive Hub ensures all your products work together and allows them to be controlled wirelessly via the Hive app. If you already have Hive Active Heating you won’t need to buy an additional hub. If you’re new to Hive, you can pick up a hub from our online store.
Can I get next day delivery when I order a Hive product?
Orders will be delivered by Royal Mail First Class untracked in 3-5 days as standard. For orders over £50 this delivery is free. Orders under £50 have an additional £2.95 postage and packaging fee.
Do I need to be a British Gas customer to have Hive product?
No, any Hive products can be installed no matter who provides your energy.

The subscription is ongoing and will continue until cancelled. Cancellation fees apply in the first 24 months. A fee of £150 will be charged if cancelled within the first 12 months and £70 if cancelled after 12 months but before 24 months.

For customers who want to claim cashback from our recent 20% Hive Cashback offer which closed 19th December 2016. Full details of the Hive products and Cashback amounts can be found here at www.britishgas-cashback.co.uk/faq. 20% Hive Cashback offer cannot be used when buying Hive Active Heating subscription.

Cashback amount is rounded up. Cashback must be claimed within 45 days of purchase at www.britishgas-cashback.co.uk, in order to claim the cashback you will need to provide your British Gas customer reference number (which can be found on the top right of any bill or statement), a valid proof of purchase (an order confirmation) and your Hive Hub ID (which can be found on the bottom of your Hive Hub).

It may take up to ten working days for us to verify your cashback claim and the cash will be deposited in your nominated bank account within 28 days after verification, for more information go to www.britishgas-cashback.co.uk. Hive Terms and Conditions apply. This offer closed 19th December 2016. Cashback claims can be made within 45 days of this date, up until 23:59 on 2nd February 2017. This offer will then be closed and no further cashback claims can be made.