Looking after your home

Our range of smart home products help you keep an eye on your home when you're not around

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Stay one step ahead

Get smart products to help you spot problems with your heating and plumbing systems in advance or keep an eye on your home with smart indoor and outdoor cameras.

Nothing to see here | Hive View

Check on your home from your smartphone with the Hive View smart indoor camera.

Hive Leak Plan

See how the Hive Leak Sensor monitors your water system and lets you know about any issues before you get any costly water damage.

Hive Actions | Set Off Switch Off

Connect your Hive products together in the Hive app so your home works seamlessly around you.

Outdoor camera

Monitor the outside of your home both day and night with a live stream from your smartphone. The moment that people, motion or sound are detected, you'll get an alert. If there's a delivery man at the door, let them know a safe place to leave the parcel with two-way audio through the camera.

Outdoor Camera
Indoor Camera

Indoor camera

Start monitoring inside your home from your smartphone, with no engineer installation required.

Window and door sensors

Get notifications if a window or door is opened when you're not at home. Worried you forgot to shut a window or door properly this morning? Fix Hive Window or Door Sensors throughout your home and get the peace of mind you need to get on with your day.

Window & Door Sensors
Motion Sensors

Motion sensors

Away from home? Get a notification straight to your smartphone if movement's detected in your home when nobody should be there.

Hive Lights

Turn lights on and off from your smartphone while you're away, to make it look like somebody is home.

Hive Lights
Boiler IQ

Boiler fault detection

Make sure your boiler is working well and get alerts if there's an issue so you can get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Hive Leak Detection

The Hive Leak Sensor can detect if there's an unusual amount of water flowing around your home - which could mean you have a leak. It'll then send a notification to your smartphone, help you find the source of the problem in the Hive app and connect you to an expert plumber if you need one.

Hive leak detection
Hive Heating Valves

Smart radiator valves

Why waste money heating empty rooms? Hive Heating Valves let you manage the heating in your home room by room. You can also set up different schedules and temperatures for different rooms – all from your smartphone.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to be a British Gas customer to be able to use Hive products and services?

No, you can buy Hive products and services regardless of who provides your energy.

What is the relationship between British Gas and Hive?

Hive are a proud member of the British Gas family and we work closely with them to help make running your home and managing your energy use easier. They have grown to become the  UK's leading Smart Home provider and design Smart Home solutions that bring your home to life. Occasionally, we might send you to their website to find more detail on a product or to complete a purchase.

Are Hive products and services free?

Hive products and services aren’t free, but there are often great deals on offer for British Gas customers. Please check the Hive product and services pages for the latest prices.

How do I install the Hive app on my phone?

The Hive app is available for Android and iOS users – you can download the iOS app from the iTunes App Store or download the Android app from the Google Play Store.

How do Hive products work together?

Hive products are controlled via the award-winning Hive app. With Hive Actions, you can set the products up to work together, giving you a truly connected home experience.

How long does it take to install Hive products?

Hive products have been designed to ensure they can be installed easily. Please visit Hive for the individual installation guides.

How secure is smart home technology from British Gas and Hive?

British Gas and Hive have strict security measures in place to protect your personal information and access to your system, including robust procedures and using industry standard SSL encryption.

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